To do for today

I haven't done a ten things list in a while. And since I can't think of anything else to blog about (and I'm not making any freezer casseroles today so I can't blog about that) I'll resort to my cop-out blog formula. The blog almost writes itself!

So you get a to-do for to-day.

1. Now that Jim has an iPod (as do the rest of us), I think I can safely throw out all the CDs. They are such wasters of space. Time to clean out the stereo cabinet, the CD racks, the four boxes in his closet. Might as well get rid of his vinyl collection too. He NEVER plays his records.

2. Decal the van. I have several bumper stickers lying around that I haven't put on the vehicle yet. Jim gave me a couple of bullet hole stickers too as a joke. Might as well slap them on too.

3. Organize my shoes by height to soothe the headache I get from disorganized visual stimuli every time I look in my closet.

4. Sew Hayley a NORMAL skirt. One that doesn't look like she's taking part in cosplay.

5. Attempt a trituration of amalgam, using the mercury from an old thermometer and my ground-up silver ring. Might need Mike's advice on this.

6. Collect the cat fur under the couch and beds. Add it to the Ziploc bag of fur already collected.

7. Choose a tattoo design. Head shot of Servo or the MST3K logo? Opinions anyone?

8. Give Paul a rug burn.

9. Wash ALL the dishes.

10. Play an April Fool's joke on someone.


Jessie said…
you know the term "cosplay"? I am impressed! Other than at Halloween, does Hayley do much cosplay?
Jenni said…
Can't wait to see your tattoo design!!
TaterBean said…
At first I didn't realize that the blog post was completely false (forgetting that today was april fool's day) and I thought, "uh oh mom, I hope you didn't already through out the cds and dad's vinyl...he's gonna be pretty mad." Then I read the next one and realized it was a joke since you aren't the type of person to decal your mini van (especially with bullet hole stickers lol). :D
TaterBean said…
*throw out* (not "through")