A good egg

In two weeks Paul is going to Prom! Not at our local high school; he's going to the school a district or two over to the east.

I was resigned to a Prom-picture-less spring because Paul said he wasn't going. But then a friend convinced him to ask someone.

And this is how he did the asking:

He dyed the egg himself on Easter Sunday morning, then texted a picture of it to the girl.

I had to get pictures myself, of course.
He had to wait awhile before he got an answer because a) she was at church--her dad is the stake president and I'm sure she isn't allowed to text during services, and b) his phone was being irritating, not letting him open picture files. Finally, we had her send her reply to my phone (her reply was also in the form of a picture)

This was her answer:

Isn't it cute? Friends I've told thought it was very creative. I love that the girl replied with Peeps!

I can't wait to take pictures of Paul going to Prom!!! It's suit-buying time! The guys in the group are wearing suits, not tuxes, and Paul needs a suit anyway, so we're going to Men's Wearhouse sometime this week!

Stay tuned after May 14 for PROM PICTURES!


Jenni said…
And you had so many concerns about Paul's alien-ness. Turns out he's just a regular teenage boy - hence, an alien. That is really fun!! I can't wait for pictures.
Vern said…
Okay, that is adorable.
Jen said…
Haha, too cute those two. Love the response, and I want to eat it:)