The only problem with snow in April that I worry that the one daffodil that is this >< close to blooming will die because of the snow.

Luckily there will be more daffodils.

Today is a ten things day because I feel like posting but nothing is going on (except the rapid dispersal of frozen precipitation from the clouds above).

1. Despite the snow, the lilac bushes have started to leaf out. The weather will set them back a week or so, but that's ok. It's like stretching Christmas out an extra couple of days. I love the anticipation of flowers! I check my plants every day!

2. I'm hungry even though I ate two breakfasts. Obviously they were crappy breakfasts if they didn't fill me up. Anyone have any ideas for fast, easy, nutritious breakfasts that fill you up?

3. We're gonna play Jeopardy in seminary tomorrow. The pacing guide for seminary lessons says to teach a THIRD lesson on Brigham Young, but I'm all Brigham'd out.

4. So then I was going to give the Scripture Mastery test in seminary tomorrow, but no one is ready for it and doing it next week will save me from having to teach the lesson on Official Declaration 1 (look it up. See why I don't want to teach it. Also, we had a bishopric member teach it two weeks ago). Jeopardy is my fall-back.

5. I'm still hungry. Nothing sounds good though unless it is a) made by someone else, b)involves meat, salt, and noodles, or c) candy.

6. There is NO.....rule number six. (Thank you Monty Python)

7. I've been staying up way to late this week. I need a nap.

8. I also need to come up with three crafts/activities for work. My parameters are a) super super super super easy, b) have to do with spring or Mother's Day, c) CHEAP (as in free and made with stuff my work has on hand), d) doesn't involve more than one hour of prep--so NO precutting of papers, foam, etc, AND e) HAS TO BE EASIER THAN WHAT YOU JUST THOUGHT OF.

9. Nope.

10. Cupcake?


Jenni said…
Cupcake, yes. And I have to make more for Saturday. And darn to what I just thought of. And oatmeal keeps you full. I make a big pot and it lasts us three or four days. Even Morgan said she is starting to tolerate it. I like it (i'd rather eat sugary stuff). And any more than 3/4 c of it and you start to get too full. It works. I have a ton from when we bought it through church long times ago. Sorry.

WV: holyr - they know you teach seminary.
Dennis said…
I love oatmeal. It's filling and easy to make. I make mine with milk instead of water and that adds some creamyness to it. I also like to put rasins in it and if there are no rasins then brown sugar or gran sugar. One cup mike and one half cup oatmeal, nuke for 1 min 45 secs. Real oatmeal not the kind that comes in the little packages.

WV: sining (nothing personal I hope)
Dennis said…
sorry I misspelled raisins
Yes, I know about oatmeal. I've even it nearly every day this week. I eat the rolled oats too, not the quick oats. I even eat the steel cut oats. Any suggestions other than oatmeal?
Jen said…
Eggs fill me up. Or toast and a cup of hot cocoa. If I eat either one of those, then I stay full until lunch and then some.

Craft ideas:

Spoon people: my girls love making these and very easy. Just plastic spoons, markers to color clothes and faces, yarn or paper for hair, etc.

Yarn flowers:

Footprint butterflies:

I don't think crafts can get any easier than these.
Jen said…
Ok, easier: