Cakey goodness

A long time ago in the land of flickr, I posted a picture of a ladybug cake I made for a scout fundraiser. A few days ago, I received a request from someone who was searching on flickr for birthday cake ideas for her website focusing on children's parties, and she wanted to share my ladybug cake! I said yes and shared some tips for making it.

To see my ladybug cake featured on the party website, go here. Scroll down. It's the second cake.


Jenni said…
Hoorah for your cake!!
TaterBean said…
Haha, awesome!

You should write a book...I don't know what about...but you should.
Jen said…
How cool is that! I just have to know though, how did that first cake's fondant get so shiny? The fondant I've seen always has a matte finish. Yours looks like it took the longest the frost with all those frosting stars. I always knew you were talented:)