Spring is here! And along with warmer temperatures, green grass, and daffodils, we have track meets to go to!

Guess who is happy about the track meets?
Yes, folks, that is a TOTALLY natural smile on his face! (I have such a hard time getting him to smile for the camera. Either he doesn't want to smile, or his smiles are really weird-looking) There is hope for senior pictures! (which are coming up this summer)

Here he is at the starting line.

First lap (hint: he's not the bald kid)
This is from the second lap.
And at the finish line!He came in 8th (of 28) with a time of 4:54. Way to run Paulie!

As I was editing pictures, Jim leaned over my shoulder and asked, "Did you ever think little Bucket Head would grow up to be a good runner?"

Bucket Head. I haven't thought of that particular nickname for Paulie in a long time. A very long time ago (oh, maybe 14 or 15 years) our tow-headed toddler found a Halloween bucket and put it on his head. He wore it for days.

And nights:We called him Bucket Head for quite awhile. But it's been ages since Paul has been Bucket Head. I might have to find a bigger bucket and try to get Paulie to wear it; that old one is too small.


Jen said…
Oh no, Sara, now Paul is going to be so mad at you for reminding his aunties and uncles about such a cute nickname and photographic evidence of how it came to be. Way to go, Bucket Head!!
Jen said…
Great track pictures!! Another season of running. Are the ticks out yet? Nice to see people wearing shorts and tank tops! Congrats to Bucket Head.
Jen said…
That 2nd comment is from Mike, by the way.
Jen said…
No, the 2nd one is from Jenni S. I wrote it before school. Jen H, I just realized, is still signed in on my computer and so I'll have to remedy that right now!!
Jenni said…
There, I signed out.