Delicious bass

(the guitar, not the fish)

Two Hayley-related items from yesterday:

Mouth surgery. I like to say it this way because it makes the procedure sound much more intense than it really was. The oral surgeon cut open gum tissue above tooth #11 (which has stubbornly refused to come out to play with Hayley's other teeth), exposing it so that the orthodontist will be able to attach machinery that will pull #11 (aka Evelyn) down and force it to join the other teeth as an operable member of Hayley's permanent dentition.

Hayley chose local anesthesia, which was a good thing for the rest of the day. She was coherent, possessing a fully functioning (for a teenage girl) brain. She was intrigued by the numbness of the local, and she spent the next hour or so poking her nose and lips and saying "I can't feel them." (and she talked funny)

Now, most parents, when scheduling oral surgery, would pick a day devoid of any other responsibilities for Hayley, but whoever scheduled Hayley's did not consult the calendar (I won't say who was the one who did it, but I will give you a hint: not me). Hayley had a jazz band concert last night, mere hours after being under the knife!

Fortunately, playing the bass guitar does not require any oral dexterity, unless you like to grimace while you play, and Hayley doesn't grimace, so we figured she was up to playing. But we had to carry the bass around for her because she was under orders not to do any heavy lifting after the procedure (since when do you need your gums to lift things?).

Anyway, here are some pictures.

Hayley tunes up the bass. The smile she has on is fake because I'm bugging her for a picture while she's tuning.

The middle school jazz band. I've labeled it for you.
Can I complain for a second? Dang it's hard to get a picture of Hayley playing the bass. They have her stuck off to the side BEHIND a keyboard and a music stand. Plus she kind of faces away from the audience so she can look at her music and hands. And she has long hair. For all I could tell, Cousin Itt was playing the bass. I had to move to the aisle to get this next picture. I settled for a good shot of her hands and hopefully you all can imagine her face. And truthfully, I don't even think she was actually playing at the moment I took the picture. No pictures of her tooth. I can barely look at Evelyn myself, let alone take a picture of it.


Dennis said…
I'm glad you explained the bass was a guitar and not a fish. Otherwise I would have imagined her playing a 5lb fish in the band. Also, it's good to name your teeth. Did she have gas for the procedure? I always liked the gas, then I didn't care that the dentist was sticking a 5 inch square needle in my mouth.
No gas. She was a brave girl.
Jenni said…
Great pictures. I never get good band pictures. Morgan is always in the back. It is sure fun that she plays a "delicious" bass!! We watched that movie on the way down to Orlando last weekend.

I feel deeply for Hayley. When they attach the braces to that tooth, she might scream. When I underwent the same procedure, I screamed. The nurse person asked, "Did that hurt?"

My VW is: pitchb. Wondering if that is the note Hayley was playing.
Jen said…
Hayley was a brave girl. When I was around 7 or 8 my top canines would not grow, so they performed a similar surgery. However, I was not as a brave. Let's just say I had to be strapped down to a velcro board, and it took 3 people to do it.

They should make Hayley the star of the show. She is, after all, the only girl in the band, and the bass is way cool. Come on!!
TaterBean said…