Cuchara grande

April Fool's Day. It's not usually celebrated around here (except on my blog. Yeah, no tattoo for me).

However, I thought it would be fun to do dinner different tonight in honor of the day of pranks. I printed up a menu of items (food, utensils, drinks, plates, etc) in different languages.

Here is the table I set for the kids. All they got to start with was the menu and a marker to circle which items they wanted to order. They got to order 5 things at a time. Paul knew what "huevo" was, but not "cuchara grande." According to babelfish dot com, cuchara grande means big spoon. So he had something to eat his gravy with. He got a plate, a fork too.

Matt wasn't so lucky. He got food, but no utensils. He was indignant about the carrots, but he was happy about getting pudding. And a dishtowel bib.
He had to eat his carrots using his bib because he hadn't ordered a fork.
All three of the kids got lucky in that they happened to order plates during the first course. Otherwise the food would have had to go directly onto the table (hence the plastic tablecloth).

Alas, Hayley didn't get utensils either. She consumed her pudding in this fashion:

Near the end of the feast, after ordering some real food by pure luck, Matt happened to order butter. So he ate it. Also notice Hayley's white bowl. She had ordered water but had not ordered a cup. So I poured the water in the bowl. She ordered milk at the same time, but didn't want the milk poured into the bowl with the water, so I poured the milk right into her mouth. Sorry, no picture of that.

All three kids enjoyed the dinner, even Paul. He laughed at getting gravy first. His noodles came in the next installment.

Some of the available menu items (in English): plate, spoon, fork, knife, cup, bowl, shrimp, noodles, butter, gravy, peaches, pears, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, juiceboxes, milk, water, steak knife, big spoon, cookies, pudding, egg, bib, napkin, and mushrooms.

I translated the items into Korean, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, German, French, Japanese, Greek, Chinese, and Portuguese.

After the kids ate, I helped myself to whatever I wanted. No language barriers kept me from getting all the necessary utensils and some good food.

Jim missed out because he was working.


Jen said…
Hahahahahaha!!! Love it! What a fun and funny idea. I'm so going to do this next year with the girls.
super cute. You really are a fun mom.
Jessie said…
that's AWESOME! This is definitely going in my remember-this-in-10-years-for-when-my-kids-are-old-enough file!
Jenni said…
ha ha ha!! So funny. I'm glad that Paul is willing to enjoy that kind of silliness while being a junior in high school!!