Not a certified blog post

I'm just popping in to say:


So you will have to wait until tomorrow to read about Paul's upcoming prom date with accompanying picture (or two).

I went grocery shopping this morning, but I still haven't brought in the grocery bags. I hate bringing groceries into the house. It's anti-climactic. I already BOUGHT them, now I gotta drag them around? Sigh.....

Now I have to prepare for an activity at work tomorrow. It involves chopping up red cabbage and boiling it.

See you tomorrow!


Jenni said…
Oooooo! I love things with red cabbage. Are you dying something? I saw a natural egg dye thing that included red onions. I'm so excited about Paul's prom!!
I'm doing a litmus test using red cabbage juice (sounds yummy, doesn't it?)

I am so excited about Paul's prom too! I wonder if he is.