I cannot find my favorite black skirt! I put it in the laundry and it disappeared!

I cannot find my low heeled black strappy shoes!

I lost my black slip, but Hayley found it in a pile of her clean clothes.

My theory is that the washing machine and the dryer have magical abilities and very slight mischievous streaks. I'm not just going on evidence of a missing skirt and a misfiled slip (I don't think the machines had anything to do with the disappearance of the shoes--that can only be explained by poltergeists), but on the unexplained appearance of a pair of socks (?) made out of floral polar fleece (seriously, they are kinda weird looking) and another pair of pink and white socks. Hayley swears these foot coverings are not hers and nor do they belong to the only female sleepover participant (Hayley's friend Gabby) we have had this year.

There is also the matter of the appearance of a pair of huge brown Vans (skateboarder shoes). I think I might know to whom they belong. Perhaps he went home with my black strappys and left the Vans here in exchange. But then Matt's friend would have some explaining to do. And he would never fit into the black strappys.

Perhaps I'll never know what happened to the skirt and shoes. I will never find another skirt like that black one. It resisted wrinkling, it was stretchy, and very comfortable. Alas! Anyone have another theory? I am flummoxed. And I don't like being flummoxed.


Jen said…
I loathe anything to do with laundry, dirty or clean, so I feel for your dilemmas. I, too, have had strange socks appear in my clean laundry. I can only assume that they belong to some past houseguest and that by the time I finally got around to cleaning the room they stayed and also did the laundry that said houseguest was long since gone. I also found a smallish Mickey Mouse polo shirt and have never been able to find who it belongs to. Mysteries...
Jenni said…
Great frustrations!! Whither did they go? And what odd socks to find in your house. Hmmm. Tis a puzzlement.