Another concert? With pictures?

Seriously, how many of these am I going to post about? Well, all of them. Because I have nothing else to post about. The lilacs are not in bloom yet, so I can't post about that. Matt didn't say anything funny because he's too busy asking me if he can play Angry Birds. And Hayley's tooth Evelyn is just sitting in her mouth.

So we're back to band concerts.

You might have to click on this picture to see detail.
Seriously, does Paul ever play? He doesn't talk at home, yet he can't stop yakking during his own band concert. And the reason Mr. K is looking over his shoulder is to signal to the person who was singing (she was way up high in the lighting booth) to get ready to sing again. And the "whips" make really cool sounds. I'd post the video I took, but it's 10 minutes long and even then, it cut out before the song actually ended. That's right folks, the one song lasted 15 minutes.

The only other "good" picture from the concert was taken right as Paul was making a face that if he had been male model Ben Stiller in "Zoolander" he might have named it "Sheer malevolence." (again, you might have to click on it to see it clearly)

I'm gonna make him do this face for his senior pictures.


TaterBean said…
Thanks for posting a pic with Mr K! :) I miss him!

I like the "look" Paul made, I watched Zoolander not too long ago. I love that movie! bahahaha!
Jenni said…
I was wondering if the whips were effective. I might try them in my classes.

Thank you for the labels; they are most helpful. Paul is opening up a lot and showing his true colors!!

I saw that tick, too. I am going hiking on Saturday. I think the map is labeled with one GIANT word on the top: TICKS!
Jen said…
Those pictures look very official and grandiose. Where was this concert? Paul is a hard one to figure out, huh? I have nothing against you posting all the band concerts. It's your life, and that's what you post about, right? I have yet another set of children's museum pics, but I actually don't plan to post them for the same reason.