I KNEW if I posted a complaint about my skirt that I would find it.

I found it in a laundry basket. The strange thing is that I've LOOKED IN THAT BASKET NEARLY EVERY DAY SINCE I LOST THE SKIRT.


(Pay no attention to the fact that the basket of clean laundry had been sitting in my room for 3+ weeks)

I SWEAR I looked in that basket for the skirt. I also looked in the basket for socks, shirts and exercise pants. I SWEAR it was not in that basket. I'm thinking that the skirt needed a break from being worn 3 times a week to seminary and it went invisible for a bit to get away from me. Or it's a ninja skirt and had to attend to a few assassinations and only recently returned. I should be glad I wasn't one of the targets. The only other explanation would be aliens. An alien race of black skirt like creatures thought that my skirt was one of their lost ones. It took them long enough to realize it was just a plain black skirt.

I still can't find the black strappy shoes. Maybe shoe-like aliens and my black strappys are enjoying a reunion with their alien kin as I type...


Jenni said…
Of course. Why would you ever expect anything different. Sigh upon sigh.

All I could think when I read the title was, "and it feels so good!" Ah, Peaches 'n Cream.
Dennis said…
Mike would testify that it was aliens.
Jen said…
Hooray! I still have clothes missing, and it drives me batty. Seriously, where did they go. My only theory is that Mike secretly dresses up in my clothing when I'm not around, and he damaged beyond repair the clothes that never reappeared.