Eh, whatever

I finished Hayley's shrug. She can barely contain her excitement. (Meh.)I think perhaps I'll get her a different shirt to go under it. Or not. Whatever. (see, cuz it's a SHRUG.)

This is the back.
I think the shrug is the largest thing I've ever knitted. It was pretty easy. I love the blues with just a hint of purple. Hayley loves blues too.

Tonight is Prom night for Jimmy. Beware my prom post tomorrow; you might have to suffer through a ton of pictures. Jimmy is much more excited to wear a tux for tonight compared to the last time he had to wear one--for my brother Mike's wedding. I had to bribe Jimmy with gum just so he would allow me to help him put it on. He was 5 at the time.
Notice the "I am NOT happy about this" face:And he didn't stop complaining about it until a man jogging past told him he looked really cool. Then Jimmy perked up, smiled, began to strut around, and got into his role as ring bearer. (Cousin Morgan is standing between Katie and Jimmy. Paul called his red vest his "tux." He didn't want to be left out.)

'Nother cute tux picture of Jimmy. I'll put this one up tomorrow too for comparison purposes. I don't think he could possibly look much cuter than this though.
One last anecdote from the wedding: During the ceremony, Jimmy would not sit back down with us after doing his stint walking down the aisle, despite much pointing, gesturing for him to sit, and me whispering "Psst! Come here". I didn't want to disturb the ceremony so I didn't get up and retrieve him. Mike (the groom) at one point turned around to me and mouthed, "He's fine." And he was. He wasn't disruptive (major surprise), he just wanted a good view of what was going on. Hmm, this post was only supposed to be about Hayley and her new shrug. Oh well. I couldn't stop typing.

I planted carrots today too.


froggybaby said…
The shrug turned out great! I Hope she wears it proudly. Love the colors and the shiny sheen. The pictures of Jimmy are great - and Katie and Paul. I love the story of Jimmy and Morgan walking out of the club together, Jimmy in his tux and Morgan in her white dress, and a man in the parking lot commenting on how kids are marrying young these days!!
froggybaby said…
Oh, and Jimmy looks like he is totally in charge of the wedding!
I don't remember that story! It's a cute one though!
TaterBean said…
HAHA! I love the look on Jimmy's face outside our townhouse! OMG, he really wasn't happy about that. I actually remember Mike and Jen's wedding pretty well...we were playing outside by the trees and stuff too. Wasn't there another flower girl besides me and Morgan? Idk...anyway. That is a kool shrug! I would say make one for me but ur just gonna say make it urself... :(
TaterBean said…
i just noticed how long the sleves are on the pic outside our townhouse...hehe looks like he has super long arms...
Jen said…
Love the shrug. It turned out lovely, and looks fabulous on Hayley. Blue is her color!

I can vouch for Jimmy's handsomeness in his little tux. What a cutie he was! The girls were adorable in their flower girl dresses, too. I'm sorry Paul felt left out, I wish we could have had a 2nd ring bearer or something. I hope he's gotten over it;)

Yes, Katie, there was another flower girl. It was my cousin, Erin, who was about 2.5 at the time. She had bright, red hair and shocking blue eyes. She looks very different now all grown up with a much more auburn tone to her hair and freckles. She's still cute though.