If my purpose was to keep my daughter a little girl, I have failed

I think I have just added two years to Hayley's age.

The Yesterday Hayley:
The Today Hayley, complete with new haircut:
My little girl is no more. My big girl has moved in and replaced her.

Hayley has been bugging me for a haircut for ages and I've been too busy to fit her in. But yesterday I promised her that today would be the day. And I kept my promise. I hacked and hacked. Wads of hair fell to the floor. I cut off more hair than is probably left on her head. And as I cut, I saw shades of Katie. Hayley has a bit of her sister in her. Her hair might not be as thick or wavy or as dark, but her head shape is similar.

Hayley loves her new haircut and has been playing with it all evening. She normally just sticks the odd ponytail holder in a random spot on her head but tonight, she was trying out new looks. She said it feels good to have less hair on her head too.

She swished her head back and forth for the camera. (Yes it's blurry. It's SUPPOSED to be blurry. It's arty that way) (as if)


Love it. Tell her she looks great.
froggybaby said…
What a cute look for her!! You did a good job. I can't cut hair. I've tried!
Jen said…
Wow, what a difference! It's a great look for her. Your kids are lucky to have a mom who can cut hair like that. I can do small trims, and that's all I'll have the guts to try.