More Paul on track

'Nother track meet for Paul. He ran the 2 mile today and got his personal best: 10:58. He finally got below 11 minutes! That was his goal for the race today and he made it! His other goal for track is to get below 5 minutes in the mile. He's come close--Thursday he ran it in 5:03. I wasn't able to be there, but Jim went and he is the one who took the pictures.

Paul and a teammate:
Paul behind a guy who wants to know what time it is. (I thought this was an amusing picture)
Jim took several pictures of Paul running, but one time, he was a little late on the button-pushing. I cropped the picture down to as much of Paul as Jim got in the shot:Yep, that's Paul's leg.

I was at my mom's house for piano lessons. While I was there, I dug a hole in her yard and threw my Mother's Day present for her into the hole. Then I half buried it. That's right, I got her a bush. A Hetz Midget Arborvitae. I didn't take a picture because Jim had the camera for the meet. Mom's front yard needed a bush. She had expressed interest in having a largish plant in front of her front porch and I jumped on the idea since I had yet to come up with a way to show her my gratitude for her service as my mother for as long as I can remember. What better way to say, "Thanks Mom for not clobbering me every time I was a complete dunce, and for putting up with my tendency to stick corn on my teeth at mealtimes and thus ruin any attempt at a civilized dinner" than to plant a Hetz Midget Arborvitae for her to water for several years until it becomes an established evergreen that needs trimming? I hope I deserve to someday receive a Hetz Midget Arborvitae from my own children. It shall be the highlight of my life if I do.


froggybaby said…
Rozzie is very impressed with Paul's swiftness. She can run the mile in around 9 minutes. We aren't winning any races here. She's really excited she can run it. I never could!