The last track meet

This a post about Paul. It is a long post and it has lots of pictures. This is a post about Paul in his last track meet of the year. It's the JV conference meet. He ran varsity all his other meets, but for conference, the varsity team needed only four distance runners and he was #5. Paul didn't seem to mind. I didn't either.

This is Paul with his JV track friends. They like to hang out together in the middle of the field.

This is Paul and the other milers approaching the starting line. Can they all find their places?
This is Paul achieving lift off. Paul, this is a running race, not a flying race! Get back on the ground!
The boys start to run! Run, boys, run! See them run. They are running fast.
This is Paul passing up two of his teammates. Go, team, go!
Paul is all by himself. Poor Paul. Is he lonely? Run fast, Paul!
Paul ran. Paul ran fast. He came in first. Hooray for Paul! Here is Paul as he crosses the finish line.
This is Paul as he waits for the two mile race. He looks like a bendy straw, doesn't he?
This is Paul as he warms up by the goal post. He is not doing ballet. He is preparing to run.
Paul doesn't dance ballet and he doesn't kick a football either. But sometimes he looks like he does both. Kick your legs high, Paul!
This is the start of the two mile race. Some people call it the 3200m. No matter how you say it, it is still a long way to run. Paul has to run eight times around the track. Can you count to eight? Good!
Paul is in front for most of the race, but not by much. Three other boys follow him closely. Will Paul stay in first? Will the other boys pass him up? Run fast, Paul!
Paul ran fast, but one boy ran faster at the end. Paul came in second. We are still happy about second place! Hooray for Paul. Here is Paul as he crosses the finish line. I bet he is glad to be done running. Three miles in one day is a lot of running!
Paul is tired after running so much. He wants to take a nap. Some of his friends are there to tell him that he did a good job. It is good to have friends.
Now Paul can finally stand up. He looks mad. But he isn't mad. This is Paul's happy grimace. He's happy he came in second place. Congratulations Paul! We hope you had fun in track this year!


froggybaby said…
Way to go Paul. That is so awesome!! And only a Fresh person, too!! I'm very excited for him (and for you).
This was a JV race, so there were a lot of freshman. The guy who came in second in the mile and first in the 2-mile was a freshman too and, like Paul, usually ran varsity during the season.
froggybaby said…
I know!! But what I'm saying is that he has 3 more years ahead so he is doing great. Travis is way impressed.
THat's great. Good for him. And thanks for the "Dick and Jane" summary. :)
Dennis said…
Excellent performance Paul!! I am amzaed at his stamina. Runing in 2 races in a matter of an hour or so is really an amazing feat (or feet). He is following in his Uncle Dave's shoes - and he even looks like Dave.
TaterBean said…
i couldn't do that if my life depended on it...why didn't i inherit the running genes? grr. thats pretty freakin sweet though for paul!
Jen said…
Woo-hoo, Paul! I'm sure he'll be the star of the team by the time he gets to be junior or senior. Keep up the good work, Pauly (sorry, couldn't resist...I must watch too many New York-based crime dramas).