Ten things from my walk this morning

1. I love taking walks in spring! The windows in the musty attic of my lungs get flung open and a swift breeze carries out all the stale air! The only downside is that spring eventually turns to summer and the air gets stifling and oppressive.
2. Tulips greeted me everywhere.
3. I saw a bunny. I like bunnies, especially when they are not in my yard.
4. Skullcandy earbuds actually stay in my ear. And they deliver better sound. I halved the volume on iFlossie compared to when I used the earbuds that came with her.
5. I could name drop, but I will refrain.
6. Perspective is such a fickle thing. I used to get a little up in arms about unmowed lawns. Why don't you mow? I would ask the air around the long grass of neighboring yards. Now I see a potential opportunity for Paul to cash in. He needs to make some lawn-mowing flyers and pass them out.
7. It's fun trying to decipher the hot pink lines of paint on the roadway. I know some road work is in the works for this area, and I wonder what they are going to do. I think the lines on the gutters will tell the road reconstructioners what the city wants redone.
8. I managed to avoid the black hole that is the computer before my walk so I actually finished exercising at 9 a.m., when of late, I'm starting to exercise at 9:30. Oh, that I could avoid the computer every day!
9. Not completely, though.
10. My feet and legs aren't as sore as they were on Monday.

And a non-walk-related exclamation: I am nearly done with the five freezer dinners that I am taking to a dinner exchange tomorrow! I actually did it this time. Hopefully I'll come home with five delicious dinners to have in the freezer for those days that I need something quick and easy. All I have to do now is shred the chicken and add the beans and freeze my chicken burrito filling! Oh and grate the cheese. I think I'll have the kids grate the cheese. It'll give them something non-video-game-related to do. ;)


Jen said…
I'm really enjoying all the springness around me, too. Our neighbor has a fetish for daffodils and are planted everywhere in their planters, so it's nice seeing those each day. The heat doesn't bother me so much, but it never really did get that hot here last summer.

Good for you to get your exercising done before 9am. I can't say that I've done any type of strenuous activity since the foot broke.
Hooray!! I'm so glad you're coming.

And I didn't walk today, but I didn't do any blogging stuff til almost 10 p.m., so bring me a gold medal. :)
froggybaby said…
I miss daffodils so much. They are one of my favorites. It is hot here and afternoon walking is uncomfortable. Evening walking is full of mosquitoes. I'm glad you can go out and enjoy the flowers.