Re: various things

Van with no name: Now fine. Didn't cost us a cent. It was the part that we thought was not working (or rather it was the part that we thought was not working's twin. There are two. One was replaced a year ago. Now the other one was fixed. We didn't know there were two. And fortunately the twin was under warranty too.) I was not in fact losing my mind when I brought the car in THE FIRST TIME TWO WEEKS AGO. They said they couldn't find anything. They didn't hook it up to the diagnostic computer. They just took 5 minute joy ride in my van. I saw them. I was waiting for Jimmy to pick me up. The joy rider CAME BACK before Jimmy even GOT there.


Sergei the Serger: no word. I hope he's OK. I miss him. In his absence, I used my other serger to hem cloth napkins. Yes, I have another serger, but it's only a 3-cone serger so I reserve him strictly for napkin hemming. Yes, I realize that I have too many sergers, when there are people out there in the world without any sergers at all.

Heat: gone. Just in time for Matt to enjoy Fun in the Sun at school today.

Other various things:
I should be on a walk. I need to take some ibuprofen. I have to iron 2 shirts today. My camera needs to be put away in its case. Paul umpired again last night. I'm wearing a kerchief despite several impassioned vows in my teenage years that I WOULD. NEVER. WEAR. A. KERCHIEF. Especially when I'm out shopping. Mother, I am sorry I ever cast a dispersive eye on you for wearing yours when we went to Dayton's to buy jeans. I wore mine to the grocery store. And I hadn't showered or brushed my teeth. I DIDN'T EVEN CARE!


Jen said…
Thank goodness your van is okay and that it didn't cost you a cent. I hope Sergei makes a speedy recovery, too. I have a ton of sewing projects piling up around here, but I don't have the excuse of broken machinery to get me out of it. Just plain laziness.

Glad the weather is cooperating and just in time for our visit.
froggybaby said…
I was wondering where you had been. I missed you. Glad to hear the van is feeling better. I hope Sergei is on the mend. Ha ha ha ha. I didn't get that one until the moment i put the "d" on it!!