The summer of my discontent

I know it's not summer yet, technically, but darnit if yesterday wasn't an early taste of one thing that I don't like: heat. The temperature got up to 97 degrees, fully 25 degrees hotter than the upper level of my comfort zone. Bleagh.

To add to my woes, my serger, Sergei, make a loud metallic clunk and passed out yesterday afternoon, just as a sewing fit came over me. So instead of sewing up some pants for my sister-in-law and some shorts for Hayley (who had to wear jeans in 90+ degree weather), I had to load Mr. Sergei into his stretcher and cart the ailing machine off to the sewing machine doctor in the crippling heat.

THEN, my van, who has no name (like the horse in the America song), decided to go into LIMP mode while on my way to the sewing machine doctor. Usually I can pull over somewhere, stop the car, turn it off, wait a few seconds, turn it back on, and it'll work fine. But not yesterday afternoon. I stopped and started it three times and it would not drive in any mode except second gear. I was half way down the main drag to the sewing shop and had to turn around. Halfway from there back home, the van finally got with the program and started shifting. So I took advantage of it's sudden return to health and turned around (again) and headed for the repair shop.

Jim took the van into the mechanic last night. Luckily, the part that we think is causing the intermittent inability to shift gears is one that is under warranty (watch; now that I blogged about it and said it's under warranty, that won't be the cause of it and we'll have to shell out another grand to get it working again. Pray for my van!) So I have no vehicle (and I can't drive a stickshift pickup truck, not that Jim would leave it here for me anyway because then he couldn't get to work. And Jimmy is already gone with the white car) and I have no serger. What am I supposed to do today?

Don't bad things happen in threes? What other appliance with potentially lethal repair bill cost capabilities will go out in the next week? Furnace? It's old, one would almost consider it ancient. Another car? The computer? It's been slow lately. The TV? Actually, I would almost welcome that breaking. I want a new TV anyway.


Jen said…
Ugh, sounds like a bad day indeed. I hope all gets back to normal at your home. It seems like things are starting to break around here, too, including vehicles. Not cheap!
froggybaby said…
Why, oh why, oh why...