Subtitled: Jimmy wears a tux for the second time.

Jimmy and Jim:

Jimmy's date is Annabell. They go to different high schools (they are going to her school's prom) but they know each other from church. Yes, they are "going out." By the way, I'm not going to comment much. I just wanted to post pictures. I think Jimmy and Annabell both look very cute. Do I need to say more? Anything else would probably sound indulgent. Let it suffice that I think my son has grown up well and from what I see, he is a good kid. Annabell is a good kid too and she's a sweet girl.
One more comment: Here are Jimmy and Nick. Nick is a friend from church too. So is his date, Megan. All good kids.


omg. i love her dress. and the color. and jimmy's vest color.
froggybaby said…
Pictures are great!! Handsome lad and all that. Did they have a good time? Where did they go out to eat? Oh, and I like the daffy-dills on you blog page!
Jen said…
Jimmy looks great and quite happy to be escorting such a beauty. The color looks so nice on both of them with their dark features. I'm sure they had a lot of fun.
Dennis said…
What a handsome young man (and a very cute young lady).
TaterBean said…
Jimmy and Annabell! Super cute!