Grand plans in a miniature post

Miniature garden, something like this picture. I have some miniature plants to make one and I have a bowl and some little rocks. I want to get a little tiny bench to put in it too.

Knitting another felted purse. But first I have to finish Katie's shrug (same pattern as Hayley's). And I have sock yarn to knit up too. And then the monthly dishcloths...

Clean my sewing room. I never really finished unpacking it after the Great Room Switch. I should really sew something for Hayley too.

And I still have to finish my Creative Writing class. The poetry unit is coming up, and I just want to warn you that I might subject you to some pretty bad poetry efforts. So stay tuned (or stay away).


froggybaby said…
I want to be a tiny person and live there.
Jen said…
Oooh, I love your idea for a little garden. If you ever feel inclined, you can always make me a felted purse, too. I'm just kidding. One of these days I'll make one for myself. That is after I get around to finishing my sweater:/