A little bit of the beach over my shoulder

I finished my purse! Here's a picture with my hand for perspective. It's a small purse, but I've managed to cram all my junk in it so it'll do.
I love beachiness almost as much as I love shoes (have I mentioned that I love shoes? Cuz I do.) I have a seashell-themed bathroom (cliche, I know, but dangit, I love the color and look of shells. I love the beach. Too bad I live as far inland from the beaches as possible. And lake beaches, much as I like them, DO NOT COMPARE) and I have cross-stitched wall hangings of seashells. I have a lovely shell-and-beach-themed necklace/bracelet/earring set (you can see the bracelet in the picture above), made for me by my seester (who lives quite a bit closer to a beach than I do). The color of the yarn was the blue I used in my beachy bathroom, and while looking for things I could embellish my purse with, I saw the seashell buttons. Hence my beachy purse.
The felting process made the yarn quite sturdy. For the next purse I make I think I will incorporate some eyelash yarn for a fringy look. I've seen it done and it looks simply FABULOUS!

So we all know that Paul turned 14 this past week. And that means he can go to church dances! And as luck would have it, there was a dance last night (Saturday night for those of you reading on days other than Sunday night, July 20--which is my brother Dave's birthday--Happy Birthday Dave. And Happy Belated Birthday to my other brother Jake) and Paul got to go! Doesn't he look adorable? Simply spiffing, Pauly! He said he had a good time and even asked some girls to dance!


Jen said…
Oooh, for cute! Your purse turned out darling, and the beach theme was a great idea for the color and style of purse. I'll be bringing along my knitting project (that hasn't even been started yet), and I'm hoping between you, your mother, and sister that I'll actually learn to do it. Maybe you can give me a lesson on felting a purse, too.

How fun for Paul! Mike and I got to chaperone a few church dances when we first got married. Of course, he would never dance with me. One time someone found out that we (or at the time Mike) was Mormon. The misconceptions began to fly out of this person's mouth. He/she had "heard" (I personally think some people just make stuff up as they go) that Mormons weren't allowed to wear make-up or were supposed to wear skirts to their ankles or that Mormons weren't allowed to dance or...the list goes on. I said to the person, "As it so happens, my husband and I just chaperoned a church dance this past weekend. It was quite similar to a school dance with a d.j. who played popular music. In fact, I saw several girls wearing make-up and most of them must've forgotten to wear their ankle-length skirts, too."
Dennis said…
I think you should start making them (the purses) and sell them on e bay. I have examined said purse in person and can attest to its very niceness, compact design and totally not what you would think about a knit purse. They could sell for big bucks and then you'd be very rich and could afford a Gucci purse. Sombody's gonna do it, it might as well be you.
froggybaby said…
Cute Purse!! I do love the beach theme, having been to the beach a few times this summer. Paul looked ravishing, too!! We're going to have a knitting frenzy in Durango!