To him the glass is not only half full, but it's THE BEST EVER half-full glass

Last night began baseball tournaments for our three boys. Jimmy and Paul were major players in their teams' success. Both boys pitched and contributed runs and hits. Jim basecoached with such enthusiasm and excitement as he could muster, and I wasn't there to see it.

I was at Matt's game. Dear runty, nonathletic Matt. He's the smallest kid on the team (despite being among the oldest). He has little natural talent. Most of the guys on his team already throw accurately and have the major league batting stances. Regardless of his lack of skill, Matt eagerly anticipates every single game and practice. He chatters away enthusiastically with the coach and anyone else who will even half listen. And he does try hard. He never gets angry at striking out or missing a ball in the field.

So last night, as the game began, Matt ran over to me to say, "Mom, I'm the best bench coach! This is the fourth time I've bench coached this season!" I was a little sad to hear it, but had to stifle a laugh at Matt's utter belief in his being the BEST at sitting the bench during his team's half inning in the field. I hope he maintains that Pollyanna (Polly-Matta? Mattyanna?) attitude for the rest of his life.


froggybaby said…
Way to aim high, Matt. That is hilarious. I think Matt got his non-athleticism from me. And my kids. They participate, but we certainly aren't the best or even in the front row. Alas. Travis always sees great talent. I'm glad they are having fun, learning something, and getting excercise. Matt just cracks me up. You just had him for entertainment. Like I was in our family for making you and Jake feel good about always beating me at games.
Jen said…
Way to go, Matt! What will really show through in life is that he's got a wonderful attitude no matter what. He definitely has good examples for parents in that department.