Oh say can you see?

Happy Fourth of July! We here at the shoebox castle are happy to celebrate the birth of our nation! It's not a perfect place to live, but the liberties we enjoy far outweigh the imperfections (federal income tax, I'm looking at you. And you, crime). I'm an avowed anti-politicker, and as a result, I am very uninformed about political issues, unless they are regarding local city, county and school board problems, so you won't get any political statements from me. I'm just glad that
I live here and can say things like "I hate government" (whether I mean it or not) or "I think all politicians lie and make promises they can't keep."

OK enough with that.

I am grateful for the Constitution, what it allows us to do. I'm grateful for a representative government, even with its flaws, that allows us, a hugely populated country to sort of maintain law and order.

Given that I've never lived in another country, I can't tell you all the ways that I'd be happy to be in this country. I read in our local paper some views of people who have come here from other countries and was uplifted by their positive comments about our country. I can't imagine the hardship involved in leaving your home country and moving to a place with dissimilar customs and language.

Now that I've gotten the obligatory holiday chatter out of the way, on to really important things, like I finally fenced in the garden (with the help of Katie and Paul). Now the bunnies will have to find something else to feast upon, other than my peas and beans and spinach.

Today we head over to Mom's for either canoeing or wandering around the arboretum. Then it's on to the fireworks in Excelsior. The city of Savage spends all its fireworks budget for the Dan Patch Days celebration and has nothing for the fourth. The City of Savage worships a HORSE, fercryinoutloud, and not the treasonous acts of some guys on the East Coast in the latter half of the 18th century. The Savage water tower even sports a logo with Dan Patch in it. This is the new logo, by the way. The old one had a reputation for looking more like a Klingon warbird. Wish I had a picture of it.

Again, Happy Independence Day!


froggybaby said…
Did you know that your Wednesday Wasting post was posted on Thursday? I like your fenced in garden. Have fun in Excelsior. I love it there!!
Well, that's what summer break does to a mother. She can't remember the days of the week. Or would you believe that I was trying to see if anyone would notice??? No?
Jake said…
The following should be read with an Ursula Werner accent:

Sara, sank you for zee vunderful (I think I need an umlaut somewhere there)evening at zee commons in excelsior. Vee enjoyed our time vit your famiwee. Jake
The boys sure had a good time with the glowsticks, didn't they? I got a kick out of Paul and Dylan "sword" fighting with them.

We had a good time too. Thanks for letting us park at your place. Glad you all came for dinner!