A Real Puzzler

Katie bought a globe puzzle and we (those of us who were home) spent a very frustrating but fun evening trying to make a spherical object out of puzzle pieces.

Katie decided to try to put the puzzle on. It fits! She's globally-minded!

Matt thinks about where he would like to visit someday--Down Under, and Really Down Under!

And here is what it looks like this morning. The pieces are really hard, sturdy plastic. There are numbers on the back of the pieces, but Katie has forbidden us to use the numbers--"that's cheating." Yeah, well this isn't a test. And it's not homework. You can cheat if it's for FUN.
The Pacific Ocean is really hard.

In other news, Paul wrestled with a Brewtus burger at Applebee's last night. The burger didn't put up much of a fight. Paul got a voucher for a ticket to a Twins game just because he ordered that particular sandwich. And in other other news, Jim arrived home safely and is back at work already.

Linktastic fun for those who like Crockpot food: A Year of Crockpotting. I thought I was awesome to use the crockpot once a week! And this lady does EVERYTHING in her crockpot. I'm bookmarking this website and will use it often. Tonight I'm making her crockpot fajitas, which are found on her entry dated June 22.


froggybaby said…
What a cool post. That puzzle looks frustrating. I start a puzzle and the first thing I think is "I need Sara." Hayley is doing a lot of swimming. Sometimes it is just an attempt at swimming and then out of nowhere, a major storm erupts and foils the fun. As for fun today, Maddie and Hayley are on their own as I am tie dying t-shirts. I'm sure I have ruined them all and no one will like them.
I am rolling my eyes at you.

Glad to hear my little mermaid is getting in as much pool time as she could possibly want.
Jen said…
I already saw the finished piece in your next post, but it looks like you guys had fun working on this. I wish I could be there to join in on the excitement. Just a few more short weeks, and we'll all reunite!

And, Jen, WHATEVER! I'm sure the shirts are as cool as the ones in the past.
SJCindy said…
Hey! I actually MET the crockpot lady! She attended a reading of "Can I Sit With You?" a book of essays about the horrible school years that includes one of Jen's essays. She's a cutie and now I can say I know someone who was on Rachel Ray's TV show! I think I used to have a crock pot in the garage.....
I like the puzzle - where did you get it? I think Jen's boys might like it - the girls are WAY to small for such endeavors. Cindy
Cindy! That is so cool you met her!

I think Katie got the puzzle at Target. I'll have to ask her. It's a fun puzzle.

I'll have to check that book out! I've had a few horrible school years myself.