Ignoring the laundry

The call of the internet is a siren's song. I can't stay away from my bloggie! I'm at an internet cafe in Durango while Jim is doing laundry. I'm such a bad wife, you say. I'm being a nice wife, I say, because I am letting Jim spend quality time with his two sisters at a laundromat without the pesky annoyance of a fifth wheel of a wife.

Note to Cindy: Jim Sr. seems to be doing just fine. He didn't go with us to Mesa Verde, but spent a pleasant afternoon in the quiet lodge (only four people stayed behind) and napped. The jam is heavenly, by the way!

No pictures for you, but I promise a massive picture dump (or series of them) when I get back to MN.

Josh and Courtney, I'll ask Megan for your number and address and call you re: stopping by for a hello, but I'll have to check with our caravan members to see how much time we can spare. I'm glad to know you live right off the freeway. Megan, we will be expecting you! About 30 mi north of Durango on 550 turn right onto a dirt road which will be not marked very well as Old Lime Creek Road. The lodge is the first driveway on the left (and it's a good ways in).

We've mostly relaxed and watched the teenagers have fun with each other. We've had a few minor injuries from Uncle Art teaching boys how to handle an ax. Then he let Morgan drive on a really icky road. Some have fished successfully, some have taken walks successfully (I am in the latter group). Art and Karen left this morning (Glad you came!). Good luck with your vehicle!

The lodge is spacious and rustic. The hummingbirds are plentiful and with a little daring and a lot of patience, I was able to get a few to sit on my finger while they drank from the hummingbird feeder. The daring comes from standing still while a flock of hummingbirds buzz around you and fight with each other over the feeder territory. You can feel the wind from beating wings as they fly by or hover at the feeder. Mike says the sound of their beating wings sounds like a flying space vehicle from the Jetsons cartoons. And he's right. Hummingbirds are actually quite mean to each other--they chase each other away from the feeder and engage in a few mid-air standoffs. Silly little birdies. But fun to watch. And have sit on your finger.

Until next time. Oh, probably no posts on the road this time. Katie's little green Dell is sicky-poo. What is with the viruses around here? First our Gateway workhorse and now Katie's little friend. I am exasperated, I tell you!


Dennis said…
I know you probably won’t see this until you get back to MN but I wanted to tell you about my experience with hummingbirds. When I was little my grandpa Ritchie told me to be careful of hummingbirds because they will sew your lips up and then you’ll die because you can’t eat. While they are beautiful and great to watch I can’t help but feel that with those long beaks there might just be some truth in what he said.
sounds good. we would be happy for you to stop even for a quick snack and potty break (and there is even agas station just right here). get our cell from megan!