Ten Things at the Zoo

1. I took fake child and Matt to the MN zoo today. It rained the whole time we were there so we couldn't go to the outside trails, which was the WHOLE REASON I WANTED TO GO. Stupid rain. We visited all the indoor exhibits and then I gave up and we got in the car. Not two minutes later, it stopped raining. *shakes fist at sky*

2. I forgot my camera so I didn't get any good pictures of zoo time.

3. The Komodo dragon at the zoo was walking around. That's the first time I've seen it move in all the times I've been there.

4. We saw one giant turtle biting on the head of a gianter turtle. Little kids around us claimed they were kissing. With that kind of kissing, teenagers would have chunks missing from their faces and necks.

5. I resisted the urge to buy Matt anything.

6. Fake child was well-behaved and Matt had a good time being the "older sibling" (older fake sibling, of course).

7. The color-changing cuttlefish are super cool!

8. The gray wolves were sleeping right under the viewing window--they look like cute little puppy angels when they are sleeping!

9. When we were at the puma exhibit, I asked Matt if he thought the lounging pumas looked like our cats. He said, "Yes. And they are lazy like our cats too."

10. The bald eagle perched itself right up close to the viewing area so we got a good look at it. It looked back at us with a somewhat disapproving eye. I almost shouted back at him, "But I HAVE been a good American!" Matt informed me that if we didn't have the bald eagle as our national emblem, we would have had the turkey, courtesy of Ben Franklin. Then we'd probably eat stuffed eagle for Thanksgiving.


froggybaby said…
One absolutely HAS to love the lazy cat comment. They just work so hard, those cats. They need their beauty rest.
Jen said…
Even though there are no pictures and it rained, it sounds like you guys still had lots o' fun. You get an E for effort! This reminds me that I need to take the girls to the Jelly Belly Factory for a tour. Not that that has anything to with a zoo. Well, maybe it does, but I just thought of it.
"But I HAVE been a good American!". I am still laughing!!!
Dennis said…
It's a little known fact that Ben Franklin wanted the turkey as our nation's symbol and he was bitterly disappointed at the selection of the eagle, a bird of prey that is also a scavanger and eats carion. In fact the eagle is more of a scavanger than a bird of prey. It's diet consists of more carion than prey.
Go Matt and coach that bench to the best of your ability. For the most part I didn't even get to coach the bench.
Jerilyn said…
My friend Renee just got back from a trip to Alaska, where there were bald eagles EVERYWHERE. She was amazed until one of the locals said they're as annoying as seagulls are to the rest of us.

So, now you don't have to go to Alaska!