A Giant Victory! Also a Cubbie loss, and a blue bag

Woohoo! (or in cyberspeak, "w00t!)

The Giants--baseball team of Jimmy and Paul--made it to the league championship game! (lest you think that that is a major feat, there are only 5 teams in their league. however, to get to the championship game, they had to defeat the heavy-hitting and fast-pitching Pirates, which they TOTALLY did)

And they won!

Jimmy watches a ball go by after it hits the dirt in front of the plate. 2 points if you spot the ball. 1 point if you can spot the dust cloud caused by the ball hitting the dirt.
Paul hits the ball. 3 points if you can spot the ball
Paul at third. See the score? We're the home team. The other team eventually scored one run, but it wasn't enough. The final score was 15 to 1.
Jimmy gets his medal and is pronounced "Pitching Savior " of the team. Coach sort of gave everyone on the team a name like that: Mr. Instinct, Most Improved... etc. Jimmy was the star pitcher of the team. He pitched in nearly every game. He bailed out the other pitchers when they got into a jam. He pitched the most innings in the tournament they just played.
Paul was pronounced "Rookie of the Year." He was probably the youngest on the team, but coach told me last night that for the second half of the season, Paul really surprised the coach every single game. Paul even pitched a few innings near the end of the season and did pretty well. He got into the hitting groove too, sending a few balls into the outfield for doubles.
Here is the Giants' assistant coach after the ceremonial dousing with the water jug. He knew it was coming and tried to avoid it, to no avail. The head coach was doused twice and didn't see it coming either time.
So baseball is done. Matt's team was eliminated last night. Matt was a little bit sad. Like I've said before, Matt is no natural baseball player, but he has improved, especially in the area of fielding. He can finally catch a ball.
I like this picture. It's so different from his usual posture and demeanor. Despite his constant chatter and lack of skill, this shows that he did take baseball seriously.

OK, now we are switching gears. I'm done talking about baseball for now. Time to talk CRAFTS. Remember this bag? I've felted it and now it looks like this:
Awesome, no? It shrank quite a bit though. I did think it would be bigger. The original bag was about a foot by a foot and a half by about 4 inches. It's much smaller than that now. Ah, you can't tell how big it is, can you? How about this for perspective?

I had to felt the purse at Mom's house because she has a top-loading washing machine and mine is a front-loader, which apparently won't work as well at agitating. After I finished the process, I went in to the piano room to show my mom, and Matt, who was having a piano lesson, grabbed the purse out of my hand and popped it onto his head, thinking it would make a great hat. So he spent a little bit of the piano lesson looking like a Russian cossack.

And that wraps up this edition of The Shoebox Castle's Weekend Update. See you next week! Or tomorrow!


froggybaby said…
Congrats to the boys on their baseballing. Very good, very good. I also approve of the purse/hat combo. Will Matt still wear it once you add buttons and such?

We are off to Disney this afternoon!!
Anonymous said…
Back again, and really pleased with the chance to keep up with my cold weather family, and their exploits. As you know Cindy has a blog, but is going crazy today with photo frustration. The inability to get photos on the blog when able to do so yesterday. Any suggestions? email all help.....gdaddy