Bad poetry, birthdays, and The Glenwood apartments

Monday, Monday,
Start-of-the-week day
When we work from dawn to dusk.

By the time that
Monday's over,
All that's left of me's a burned-out husk.

(Sung to the tune of Sunday, Monday)

Not really. I spend too much time blogging to be a burnt out husk at the end of the day. My quadriceps are the only part of me that is burning at the moment. I went on a bike ride this morning and since I got back, my quads have done nothing but complain. Whiners. But I must get into bike-riding shape so I can ditch the van on grocery trips to Aldi's. (like that will happen. I'd have to buy some sort of wagon that would attach to the back of the bike so I could haul the groceries home. And by the time I reached Aldi's, I'd probably be too tired to shop, much less bike back home with groceries for a large family)

Heads up: Paul's 14th birthday is tomorrow! He wants cross country running shoes for his birthday so we will go to St. Paul to the running shoes store and get him some cool spikes for that. He will be old enough to go to the next church dance (which will be Katie's last one). All three big kids are excited to go, because our neighbor and fellow church member is working as the dj and has promised Katie that he will play a Weird Al song. He's also promised other fun stuff too.

We watched a fairly stupid movie last night (and by "fairly stupid," I mean "really awful"). I had extremely low expectations for the movie, and when I do, I usually enjoy the movie much more than going to a highly recommended movie and being slightly disappointed. Anyway, it being a stupid movie, I did enjoy many parts which had stupid jokes. But the best part of the movie was recognizing a location. The movie was shot in mostly in Provo UT, home of my college, BYU. And one of the apartments used for some interior shots looked EXACTLY like the apartment I lived in during my sophomore year at college--The Glenwood Apartments. I was so sure that's where it was filmed that I sat through the end credits to see who the producers thanked (and really they should have groveled and asked forgiveness for attaching anyone's name or product to this kind of stupid movie) and SURE ENOUGH--the Glenwood Apartments were thanked! I was glad to see that since I'd left The Glenwood, they'd installed dishwashers and new cupboard doors in the kitchen. The bathroom vanity layout remained the same, though. Jake, I do believe you stayed at the Glenwood (and didn't like it much).


Jen said…
That's all great, Sara, but you can't leave us in the dark on the movie title! How funny though to recognize and confirm that it was the apartment you lived in.

Give Paul our best birthday wishes. I really do want to be the good birthday card giver, but I'm just not good about doing it. Paul is quite easy to please with only wanting a pair of shoes for his birthday:) I usually had a list the length of my arm but mostly only got one or 2 things.
Pffft, like you'll ever even come in contact with this movie. It's called Singles 2nd Ward. It's a sequel to The Singles Ward (one of them mormon movies.--hehehe I originally typed "one of them moron movies," which wouldn't be far off the mark.)

I'm not good about birthday cards this year so no worries!
froggybaby said…
Sons of Provo also used the Glenwood. I think it just epitomizes the BYU experience. I also do not have a card in the mail to Paul, but we still really like him and Hayley misses him (and Matt).
Jake said…
Yes, I gave blood at the Glenwood for 2 years. And by blood, I mean lots of my hard earned cash that went mostly to upkeep of the sand volleyball court that only a few people ever got to use. The rules must have been, if you're not tall or tan, have a Utah or Calif accent. We could all sit around and watch the usuals play. Actually, we went to Helaman halls to play ping pong in the basement of the womens' dorms. I'd rather be good at ping pong than sandy volley ball. It scratches.
Back to the Glenwood, wasn't the underground parking creepy?
No wonder why it didn't last between me and Scott B (tyer of shoes with his toes). He parked in that underground lot.