I'm just posting a quick note to tell you that I'm not back yet.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be back to posting. Right now I'm using Katie's new little friend, a green Dell laptop. It's a cool little machine, but I miss my old workhorse of a Gateway. It has all my settings and bookmarks and shortcuts.

Sunday night was a frustrating night for Jim. He was the person on the computer when it went down. He fiddled with it for hours. But the virus was too much for him and the Gateway. Curse our inattention to updating our security! Anyway, he took it in to the Geek Squad and they are working their magic. When he took the Gateway in, I suggested that he scope out laptops for Katie. I had saved a few pennies to get her one for graduation and as long as Jim was at the computer store, we might as well see what we could get for the cash I had on hand. Hence the little green Dell.

Again, I hope to be back tomorrow with fun and pictures.

Until then, here are ten reasons to hate Mondays (yes, I know today is Thursday. But last Monday was very irritating and I have to post about it. And since this is the first chance I've had to get on a computer since then, you'll just have to read a Monday post on a Thursday. Wah for you):
1. Broken garage doors that need new gear kits and the money it takes to replace them.
2. Out of commission computers
3. Very hot and humid. I mean jungle hot and humid.
4. Power outage which results in the non-operation of all fans and air conditioning in the house while we are trying to paint and make lunch and feel comfortable. The power outage lasted over an hour.
5. Not being able to find a bill for the electric company so I could call and report the outage. In order to report the outage, I needed to know the account number. Which I didn't have. Jim had it in his bag at his office but he was in a nice cool computer store looking at laptops.
6. Can't sit down because all the furniture is piled in the middle of the room while the painting is going on. Feet hurt all day.
7. Kitchen is unusable because the counter space is taken up by miscellaneous items normally stored on top of the kitchen cabinets had to be taken down so the walls above the cupboards could be painted.
8. Baseball practices that turn into games when you weren't looking and you didn't get Matt's correct uniform because you thought it was a PRACTICE.
9. And it was still hot.
10. And humid. Boy was it humid.


Dennis said…
I'm glad I could be there to enjoy your company and children. The painting wasn't too bad and the refreshing lemonade worked it's magic on a tired old body.
froggybaby said…
11. Mondays mean one more week closer to going back to work. wah.