Jimmy's camp pictures

I don't think I posted much about Jimmy going to Scout camp earlier this month. So that's what I will post today--pictures from his trip. The camp he went to offered many activities--sort of mini High Adventures for every day of the week. Jim went with for a few days and said that he'd recommend the camp to other groups.

I don't have much explanation for the pictures (I just wanted to post SOMETHING today and life was boring yesterday so when I saw these pictures on the computer, I thought "I'll post these!") since I wasn't there, but I might add a comment or two.

The campers (Jimmy, Ethan, Dan, and Dan's dad, who came up on Wednesday to relieve Jim, who went for the first three or four days)
Camp breakfast of Champions:
"Why yes, I do miss my wife. But this can of pop will keep me company for now."
Getting ready to go out on a sailboat. He never works this hard at home!
Jumping Rope: He's doing it wrong.
Ropes course. He looks like he's playing on telephone wires (aren't they obsolete now, what with the proliferation of cell phones?)
Making s'mores. Look at the size of that chocolate slab. When I was a kid, mom let us have only one little rectangle from the Hershey bar. One little rectange! He has half a bar on there! Oh the humanity! But I must say, he's roasted that marshmallow almost to perfection. I don't like burnt marshmallows.
I purposely did not include photos from Jimmy's biking accident where he scraped up his leg good and bloody. Nor did I include the picture of Jimmy with a smear of blood on his face, presumably from squishing a sated mosquito. Bleagh!

Today: get a haircut, check out a book, ship a package, write for my Creative Writing class, call a bookstore, shower, weed in the garden, etc etc etc. See why I chose to blog about Jimmy's camping trip?


froggybaby said…
Very fun camp pictures. It is such a good time, getting out there in nature. However, I would like to take a little sunfish out on the lake, too. Mandy Flake's mom had one of those and she'd float around Lake Tonka on it. Looked like fun.
Jake said…
Sara, I recognize the dounts in the picture. It's a Sara Lee product #605474 at US Foods. I buy these at work for employees breakfasts and for our brunches when people must absolutely have a donut when the other 47,897.06 things we have on the buffet just isn't exactly what they want. Then they get their hands on the donut, they say, "I wish there where more of the sour cream old fashioned donuts" (which by the way are truly awesome, pictured top right of the powdered donuts). They take two bites and then throw it away. I feel like kicking them in the neck, grabbing the amount of money they've just wasted out of their pockets and put it toward my food cost. I hate buffets. That's really all I'm trying to say here. But thanks for opening the wound with your "oh so subtle" picture of donuts. I see what you're trying to do. Your trying to get me all riled up even before I go to work. You don't fool me.
Jake said…
By the way, thanks go to Jimmy as well for even going to camp and partaking in said donuts and therefore starting the string of events that led to Sara's intentional posting of hard to view propaganda which in turn cause my BP to rise to the point of hyperventilation. I won't forget this Jimmy. It gets dark and quiet in Colorado, surely you remember this. I advise that you don't sleep much, you'll need your running shoes, too. Excellent (ala C. Montgomery Burns)