New Series of posts.....or not

I had a fab post with pictures about shoes all lined up last night but my stupid phone and stupid computer aren't speaking to each other again. They are both being stubborn and no amount of cajoling and explaining will get them to talk. *shakes fist at computer* *shakes fist at cell phone*

So because of that, you all get an explanation of one of the Evans family's favorite stock movie or TV phrases. (This might be a new series of posts). I recognize that explanation tends to remove all traces of humor from the funniest joke, but that's what you get when your phone and computer won't talk to each other.

"Go Packers! Wooo Packers!" (must be said in somewhat of a stupified voice)

The big boys and I say this to each other a lot. Anytime anyone mentions the Green Bay Packers or anything to do with Wisconsin (and being so NEAR to the cheesehead state, we are given many opportunities to hear WI mentioned). Or if anyone is excited about something we say it.

Why do we say this? Because we love Mystery Science Theater 3000--an old cable TV show featuring robot puppets, bad movies, and cracking wise. Anyway, in the episode called "Giant Spider Invasion" a mob gathers to go after a giant spider from another dimension and the robots watching the movie start yelling "Go Packers" and "Wooo Packers!" And it

Wow. It's hard to explain inside jokes. And it makes for really stupid posts. Maybe I'll have to go back to Target today with my real camera and take more pictures of me wearing shoes so I can post something interesting.


froggybaby said…
At Disney World, we saw a guy in a line who had on a green shirt with yellow lettering that said, "No matter how bad my life gets, at least I'm not a VIKING fan." "Viking" was in the "Viking font. We were all horribly offended. I know this has nothing to do with MST3000, but it was on the same vein as the Packers.
What a big LOSER! I would have been tempted to do the "wooo Packers!" thing. The guys from MST always savaged Wisconsinites--portraying them as lunkheaded chainsmoking flannel-shirt-wearing dimwits, even though most of MST guys had ties to the cheesehead state (one of them was raised in WI).

Go Packers! That Giant Spider Invasion is one of my fave episodes. It has the skipper from Gilligan's Island in it. And the giant spider is a VW Beetle with fur hotglued onto it.
Anonymous said…
On the way to work this morning I saw a "Packers Suck" bumper sticker. I got a chuckle from that. -Jim
Jen said…
You see, where we live now it's the exact opposite. Go Vikings! Wooo Vikings! Of course, it don't matter either for me since I was brought up in an entirely different part of the country. And I enjoy football either.
You're still a cheesehead. Once you live in Wisconsin, there is no turning back. You will be a cheesehead forEVER.