She's gonna be popular

Katie is in Chicago. She's with two friends from church; they all drove down to Chitown to see Wicked. Kate texted me during intermission and said that the show is even better than she expected. I could tell she was all atwitter and a-flutter with love for the show. She listens to the soundtrack all the time. After the show, she and her two trip mates flung themselves at the actors in loving adoration (at least Katie did. I don't know if Karissa or Joanna did--Joanna is a very sensible and mature person; she is closer to my age than to Katie's) and got autographs.

I don't know how Joanna got roped into going, but I'm glad she did. Like I said, Joanna is sensible and mature, and she probably brought many helpful suggestions to the planning of the trip. And she gets hotel discounts and a free rental car (which they drove to Chicago) because she works in the hospitality industry.

This is Katie's first real adult trip. She's not with a large band doing scheduled sightseeing; and other than Joanna, she is not under a chaperone's supervision. Today, Katie thought they might go up the Sears Tower and wander around downtown. I'm sure she'll have pictures when she gets back.

I'm so jealous!


froggybaby said…
Chicago is a very fun place to be. Remember that one time we lost Morgan downtown Chicago when she was only 1? Yeah, that was fun!! Really though, it is a lot of fun to go bummin around there. She is off on grown up adventures!