Countdown to Durango

We leave in two days. We drive for three days, we play for five days! We drive for two days, then we wish we were still on vacation for several months.

Ten things to pack:
1. The usual stuff: clothing, sleeping bags, medicines, pillows, toiletries
2. My neck pillow for the car ride. I like to sleep in the car (but Jim won't let me drive while I'm sleeping).
3. DVD player. Nothing says "vacation in a rustic lodge in the Colorado Rockies" like watching movies on a small screen.
4. The kids. I'd hate to leave any of them at home.
5. Recipe for the eclair dessert. Don't know if I'll use it, but just in case... And the recipe doesn't take up much room. I'll buy the ingredients when I get there.
6. Games. Should I bring Werewolves of Miller's Hollow? It's a game for a large group of people (especially teenagers).
7. Travel diary. You never know when one of your vacation companions will do or say something really funny and you just HAVE to write it down for posterity. (Like in 2005 when we saw that lady peeing in the bushes!) Mike will be there so we are guaranteed some good stories of practical jokes he's played or of when he was a devious little prankster youth.
8. Camera, natch. Next time I WILL get a photo of that lady's hinder.
9. Bear-wolf-mountain lion repellent. I'd hate to meet up with one o' them animals and not be prepared.
10. Crazy deranged psychotic killer hiker repellent. You never know.

Old Lime Creek Road, here we come!


froggybaby said…
Could we be any more excited? I have my own list going. I must work on it!!
Dennis said…
You could send your father the eclair recipe - maybe when you get home.
Jen said…
I have a similar list, too. I 2nd the eclair recipe. Yum! I've been doing laundry today and bought a new DVD player. Our other one broke on the drive from MD to here. Can't wait to see everyone in just a few short days!!
Jake said…
Sara, Deep Woods Off now has a new repellant for both large animals and creepy hiker people. I think you have to be 21 to buy it, though. It also comes in vanilla and corn starch so's not to be too sticky.