Shoulda Coulda Woulda

1. Shoulda been cleaning the house and packing for our trip. But instead I had a great time mending a fence. That fence needed mending for a while now, and now that it is put back together, I must say those that worked on it did a good job. No picture of the fence, though. Proverbial fences don't photograph very well.

2. Coulda eaten ice cream last night for dessert. Ate generic cheerios instead. Let me tell you, generic cheerios are no substitute for ice cream.

3. Woulda posted about trying on shoes at Target just for fun, but computer and phone STILL aren't talking.

So much to do today. I'd better get on it. Posting may not happen again until August 4th. Hang tight until then, my little cyber friends.

I'll be seeing some of you in COLORADO! Safe driving to all of you!

PS. If any of you run across a musical called "Urinetown," it is worth seeing in spite of the title. I saw it last night with a bunch of ladies from church because a friend of ours is in it. It's a community theater production and our friend was playing Penelope Pennywise. The whole thing is pretty funny (people die though).


Jen said…
I don't remember you having a fence. I'm glad to hear that it's been mended though.

I, too, should be doing other things right now rather than catching up on all my internetting. See you Sunday!!