Patriotic Recap

I wouldn't be a good American blogger if I didn't relate our patriotic celebrations of yesterday, with pictures no less for an added side dish of the traditional American ideal of visual aids. (Blogging: the 21st century's version of post-vacation slide show sharing).

We went to my mom's and the kids went out in the canoe with Jim. I took a nap and missed it. No one took pictures. Jake and Steph and Dylan and Maya came over while Jim barbecued burgers and hot dogs. I made potato salad (I'll try to save some for you when you come over to paint, Dad). And we ate the patriotic cupcakes.

The traditional giving of socks for the fourth of July (what? you don't get socks for Independence Day? You should. Uncle Sam is supposed to deliver them in secret to all good patriotic American citizens while they are outside at the barbecue. Then he leaves sparklers tucked in the muzzles of the firearms that are on display) (No, I'm not making fun of anything. I'm just imagining what Independence Day would be like if we added some Christmas DNA). Mom gave me these socks. I call them "Homage to the scrap nightgowns Julie, Jenni, and I sewed." Wish I still had that nightgown--it was just as mismatched as these socks. We sewed random scraps of fabric together and then made nightgowns with that mismatched hodgepodges of patterned fabric. The nightgown I sewed would have matched terribly with these socks, and it would have been wonderful. While I was at my mom's, I started knitting my own pair of socks, just to see if I can do it. Man, those size 1 needles are tiny! And I feel like I'm knitting with embroidery floss. But I want to learn how to turn a heel and all that other fun stuff that accomplished knitters can do.

And speaking of knitting, I finished knitting the bag part of the purse.

Jen, this one is for you. I give you Lake Minnetonka. This is where we plopped our fat American behinds to wait for the fireworks.
Fireworks: explosive flowers.
A firework moth flies away.
Part of the finale.
Jake bought Dylan and Matt some long, bendy glowsticks (thanks Jake) and while we were waiting for the fireworks to start, Matt and Dylan engaged in some glowstick dueling. They parried, lunged, twirled, thrusted, and sidestepped. It was great fun to watch. Paul got in on the action as well. In fact, near the end of the long walk back to the car, Paul and Dylan were fencing pretty intensely.


froggybaby said…
What fun!! Your fireworks were more bigger and exciting than ours but I bet you didn't have to get up and run away...twice. Hayley LOVED it. Thanks for Minnetonka picture. It looks just like it should. I didn't get any socks, but does it count that I finished a sock yesterday? Now I have to do the matcher for Holly's 40th b-day last January.
I guess that counts. I'm glad Hayley loved the up-close-and-personal fireworks display. She is quite a little daredevil!