Wasting time on a Wednesday

I'm doing this instead of exercising.

Yesterday I wasted time by putting together a little photo book of flowers. I've taken lots of pictures of flowers--it seems I've taken enough to fill a book. And if I run out of pictures of flowers, I'll take MORE. This book editing thing is fun!

Another fun thing is knitting. I've shown off some of my projects here at the shoebox castle and it's time to show another project off. Plus one that I didn't show off because it was a little gift for my sister and my mom.

First, the candy corn washcloth:Yay for Halloween in June! Mom has already used hers (in fact, I used it the last time I was at her house, and it WORKS! It got all the dishes clean! Amazing!) I don't know if Jen uses hers, but at least it will look pretty on the counter when October comes around.

Now the purse. Yes the purse is boring blue. But after I felt it (a new process for me), I'm going to add some buttons (or "flair"--more than 15 pieces)I went to a class at church to learn how to do this. I'm glad I already knew the basics for knitting (casting on and the actual knitting part). One of the other ladies there didn't know much of anything and spent a frustrating chunk of time doing something that her hands didn't know how to do. I learned how to pick up stitches and knit the European way (much less hand movement compared to how I "throw". Ooooh, you can tell I'm no amateur knitter the way I throw around terms like "throw" and "pick up stitches" like I said them all the time and know what they meant!). I'd film myself throwing the European way, but it's hard to hold a camera and knit at the same time.

The next class is in two weeks. I'll learn how to knit an "I cord" and how to felt. Yes, I'm using 100% wool. Any other kind won't felt in the washer and dryer.

I think the common layman's term for "felting" is "shrink in the dryer." I did that to one of Jim's camping sweaters. Now it's Matt's camping sweater.

The globe puzzle is done! Not without some serious issues over how to put in the last pieces, mind you, but we finally realized that there is a method to putting this thing together and we didn't follow the method until the very end. We had to pull out chunks of the puzzle to finally get at some missing pieces at the bottom, but then we read the box where it said put it together like you were making a clay bowl--from the bottom up--so we took the top pieces off and put all the other pieces in. Then the top gets put on and gently tapped into place. And VOILA! It is finished!
Oh, I see that I have uploaded a picture of just before we finished the puzzle. I guess I don't have any of it totally finished. But you get the idea, I'm sure. If you don't, get the idea, then I don't know what to do with you.

I'm hungry. Off to breakfast I go.


Jen said…
Way cool on all your projects. I wish I could sit down and do fun stuff like that. But, alas, I have to work on getting this house to our livable standards. Unfortunately, a big chunk of that time is helping Mike with the garage and basement. Blech!