Massive birthday picture dump

Sit tight, kiddos; it's going to be a long ride. Are you up for it? Warning: viewing the entire contents of this post might cause a stupor, and one serving size contains 1541 calories.

The team sings Happy Birthday to Paul. He's in the middle, wearing the Skullcandy shirt.

The official cake of the 14th annual celebration of Paul's birth:
Paul wanted Reese's Mini cups and M&Ms on his cake. So that's what he got. Here we are, looking through the field of candy, with the forest of striped candles up ahead. I feel like Hansel or Gretel. Mostly Gretel. Watch out for evil witches!
The blaze of light put out by 14 candles.
The official portrait of Paul with his cake.And the official portrait of Paul with his new shoes. The Sauconny Kilkenny racing shoes and the Adidas Supernovas. I want a pair of Supernovas so I can tell people that I'm wearing a pair of major astronomical events on my feet.
Paul shows us the device used to attach the spikes to the Kilkenny racing shoes.

Jimmy acts special while Matt shows characteristic enthusiasm for cake. Or wearing a watch. Or life. Or breathing. Or existing. Or his enthusiasm.
Servo performs a very convincing impression of a dog.
Matt looks at the camera. Jim, in the background, notices that Matt isn't talking, and thinks, "That's strange." I'm amazed I caught the moment on camera.


Jake said…
Happy Birthday Pavl from Uncle Jake and family. We're excited to go to Durango. I'm just excited to not be at work. Now with Paul's new shoes, he can run like the wind.
He'll be quicksilver.
froggybaby said…
I like the cake forest photos. I can almost imagine being a small person (Honey I Shrunk the Kids) and having to navigate throught the deep frosting with flaming torches towering above!