Another day, another OJ moment

This last night from Other Jim:

"So I'm going on a field trip tomorrow and"

I interrupt. "A field trip? For what class?" I knew nothing of a field trip.

"Photography," says OJ.

"Wait. A field trip? Why do I not know of this? I didn't sign any field trip permission form." I hoped he would say that's because Dad signed it, but I wondered if my hope was misplaced.

OJ smiles. "I know. I filled it out and turned it in without a signature just to see if the teacher would notice."


(And apparently she didn't notice because he's going on the field trip)

I am so ready to be shut of this child. I had to tell him "You know I love you, dear son of mine, BUT YOU TAX MY PATIENCE AT EVERY TURN!" I tried and tried and tried to teach him manners/civility/obedience/caution but I fear he just used those lessons to see how much fun he could have thumbing his nose at me while he breaks just enough of the rules to be irritating.

To look on the bright side: at least he doesn't get into real trouble. He hasn't had any traffic tickets, he is a responsible employee, he does his schoolwork apparently and gets reasonable grades, goes to seminary without complaint, doesn't stay out late with friends doing who-knows-what, etc.

He just likes to see me get fake mad.


Jen said…
Oh, don't let it get to you. Yes, you certainly DO need to look on the bright side and think of all the other things he could be getting himself into (like SO MANY teenagers these days). I did stupid stuff like that (probably a lot worse, too), and I still got good grades, got accepted into a decent college, finished college, married a great guy, have a wonderful family through him, and am so so so blessed to have my 3 healthy, little human beings in this life. So there's definitely hope for O.J.
Jen said…
P.S. I would still punish him though. Get out the whippin' board and whoop his hiney.
Jenni said…
I am constantly telling Travis that if he saw what I saw, he would be singing Morgan and Rozzie's prases morning, noon, and night. So then why do I have to have the chat with Morgan (AGAIN) about not turning in classwork. I get so mad at my own kids, all the while knowing I'm lucky!!

By the way, what is the field trip?
That's another thing! I don't KNOW what the field trip was all about because I never saw the form!!! All I know is that it was for photography class. And that the teacher let a kid who isn't even IN photography class to go on the trip (not OJ. OJ is a registered class member)