The chocolate hearts are all gone

Valentine's day is over--whew! Those treasure hunts are taxing, and I made my family late for church. I said I wasn't going to give out the treasure hunt quiz before church, but I guess I lied to myself. I couldn't resist starting the kids on the treasure hunt. Then I wrenched my back and I didn't go to church and everyone else was late.

Next year I think I will start recycling treasure hunt puzzles from years past. I hope it will save some time and reduce the craziness that I suffer through just to give the kids each about $3 worth of chocolate. And next year, perhaps the number of children participating will be whittled down to three. Hopefully Other Jim will be at college.

It was fun to watch the kids puzzle over the quiz questions. The quotes from their early years had them laughing and guessing completely wrong! (and I'm a bit sad that no one tried to guess who said what in my post from Sunday. Oh well, I'll eat the chocolate myself! That will surely cure the blues that stem from lack of people posting guesses)

OJ found the first treat bag, after refusing to help anyone (the quiz was supposed to be a group effort and the treasure hunt clues were all mixed together to encourage WORKING together) and watching over the shoulders of the other kids while they figured out the word scramble puzzle. Then when Matt said "It says 'high box dining room!'" OJ ran over to the dining room and found the treasure inside a box containing some of our nicer drinking glasses. Cheater!

Hayley found the next treat bag in a sewing room drawer, after correctly guessing that some crafty items pointed the way to the sewing room. Matt was next, when he put together the picture puzzle of the inside of the water softener salt container (with a tiny smidge of help from dad in locating the source of the picture). Paul was left with the tricky puzzle--a numeric code with no instructions--and had to go to church before finding his treasure. But he had it figured out when he got home and found his reward in the Star Wars DVD set box. They all laughed and had a good time, which was fun for me to watch.

That's why I put myself through such agony in creating these puzzles--to see them have a good time and laugh a lot together.


Jenni said…
I'm glad you had fun with that again this year. Yes, I can imagine that all that creativeness is taxing on one's system - enough to wrench a back. Pat the kids on the head and tell them their auntie loves them, too.
Shantel said…
That sounds like so much fun!
Jen said…
Wow, sounds like a lot of work for you but extra fun for the kids. You're a good mom for doing that each year for them. I'm crying for you that all the chocolate hearts are gone, but then again I didn't have any chocolate hearts (or any chocolate) this Valentine's Day.

Spank Jimmy for me for being such a cheater cheater pumpkin eater.