How I show love for my kids

I make them work and sweat for their Valentine treat. Yes, the Valentine treasure hunt is very nearly ready to go. By the time you read this, I should have all the clue bags put together. I still need to fill the treat bags and hide them, but that shouldn't take too long. I won't let them start on their treasure hunt until after church, though. They'll get their quizzes then.

Sample question from the quiz:

Who said (out of the kids Katie, OJ, Paul, Hayley, Matt):
1. "If I lose all my hair, I will be blind."
2. After finding some cereal on the floor, this person said, "Mom, I found some breakfast seeds."
3. "Look, we're parked next to a Hot Wheel!"
4. "Can I have a cough drop?" I replied no, you haven't been coughing. This person said, "Then can I have a burp drop? I burped."
5. "How do you know if you buy a kitty that it will be nice? Does it say on the box that it will grow up to be nice?

Can you guess the answers? Chocolate will be sent via mail to the person who gets the most of them right!

Last night Jim and I celebrated Valentine's Day by going to one of my brother's restaurants. The restaurant had a Weekend of Love special and I wanted to try it out. Jim had the porterhouse lamb and I had the scallops scampi, both of which were delish, but the highlight was the polenta pizza and the gnocchi. I've never had polenta before and this was SO good. Who'd ever thought polenta could serve as the "crust" of a pizza?? More, please, Dave! And Jim and I both love gnocchi. Jim had it during while he was in Argentina and it was an end-of-the-month, we-have-nothing-else-to-eat-nor-money-to-buy-food dish that they would spend all day making. Here in the US, it's a gourmet dish! Anyway, the creamed spinach sauce complemented the gnocchi perfectly and we had a wonderful dinner.

Lastly, Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends, family, and people I don't know who happen upon my blog!


Jen said…
Happy Valentine's Day to all the Evans! I really can't even venture a guess as to who said any of those sample quotes from your quiz. They all sound like stuff Matt would say, but I don't think you'd just put only things Matt would say. Or would you? To throw us all off.

It sounds like you and Jim had a fabulous and delicious night. So very jealous am I. I'm spending this V-Day weekend without a Valentine:( I have to admit though that I've never tried or even heard of polenta or gnocchi. Now I want to try both.
Jenni said…
Sounds like a nice dinner out. I have never been to one of Dave's restaurants. I've never been invited. I guess I could just go. Next time I'm there, we'll have to make a point of it. Sounds like a yummy dinner, too. We went to an Italian place and I had chicken picatta which was very lemony, just how I like it.

I love your quizzes and hunts that you do for the kids. Did you at least send something to Katie for which she had to go to the mail box to get?
Jen, just guess! Since no one else is guessing, you might win the chocolate after all. And no they aren't all Matt. Sorry to hear that your Valentine went off and did something else. He owes you his attendance at something full of art of your liking, not his.

Jenni, you just go and don't wait for an invitation. I heard about the Weekend of Love promotion on TV, not through Dave (although I will credit Marissa for cluing me in about the TV spot).

Yes, Katie gets a valentine treat, although not an edible one. Hers is musical and will hopefully arrive later this week.

Yummy dinners are very nice.

Treasure hunt update: Jimmy was the first to find a treasure and he cheated his way to it and refused to cooperate with the others. Matt and Hayley were next. Paul still hasn't found his. He ended up with the hardest puzzle. He also guessed wrong on a quiz question that HE gave me the answer to in an interview I conducted with him yesterday! AND he asked Matt, "Were you named after an actress?" to try to get an answer on the quiz. To be fair to Paul, Matt also put himself down as the answer to who was named after an actress. And these two are the kids that are in all the honors classes. SHEESH.
I love gnocchi too, but I've rarely found it here that rivals how good it was in Argentina. (the Buca di Beppo gnocchi is gross.)
Jen said…
Ok, I'll guess because I'll do just about anything for chocolate:
1. Paul
2. Hayley
3. Jimmy
4. Matt
5. Katie
Ooo, you got two right, Jen!
Jen said…
So do I get the chocolate then, since nobody else guessed?

P.S. I read your comment to Mike about the V-day abandonment, and he said he wanted me to tell you we don't celebrate V-day. News to me. Well, I'll at least accept chocolate.
Yes, you get chocolate from me for guessing. I won't guarantee WHEN you'll get it, but you'll get it sometime in Feb.
Answers: 1. Matt, 2. Hayley, 3. Paul, 4. Other Jim, 5. Katie

And phooey on Mike. He should be ashamed of himself, but of course, he is incapable of that.