Ten things of a Saturday

1. Saturdays were invented for bathrobes.
2. And for child labor. (KIDS, GET TO WORK!)
3. Chapter 17 done. Three more to go. Then the final. I now know "all" about both analytic and synthetic cubism. And I will have to add "Piet Mondrian" to my list of words I like to say out loud.
4. Other Jim is FINALLY starting to work on an Eagle project. Time to add Paul to my list of recipients of Eagle project nagging.
5. ACK! VALENTINE'S DAY IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! Must get to the treasure hunt.
6. Recently learned truism: if I post old pictures of my mother's basement, one of my brothers will call me to reminisce about it. (Note to self: If I ever have to tell that brother something, post pictures of the basement. It will be like the Batman spotlight)
7. I should make fun of mother less often to her face. (But even Dorothy does it). And it's weird to see my mother treated like a little sister (even though she has a foot in height on Dorothy)
8. Dorothy was impressed with my driving skills in navigating the airport parking lot. One more thing I thought I was bad at but that someone actually thinks I can do well.
9. I made five and a half meatloaves last night...
10. ...for Tuesday. I am so ahead of the game!


Jen said…
I never thought of that...Saturday as being a day of work for kids. I'm yelling at them right now to do some work (fold napkins). Thanks for that:)

Way to go to O.J. and Paul for having the motivation to do an Eagle Scout project. I know they won't regret it. I truly think it was something that helped Mike with getting into dental and endo schools and with respect with his position(s) in the Navy.

Way to go with your meatloaf motivation. That's way earlier than I could force myself to play a meal (I'm usually rushing around a couple of hours before the meal to get things planned and done).
Jenni said…
We are now gearing up for child labor. They just unpacked groceries. Next, the floors. I'm proud of your meatloaves. I hope that Jimmy gets his Eagle so that someone at BYU will marry him.