Ten things we've done or that I've enjoyed while watching this year's Olympics:

1. Debated whether the US snowboard team's uniform was an actual flannel shirt and a pair of baggy jeans.
2. Developed mantras based on the aerial stunts in ski jumping: "Full full double double full." And then "Hurricane?"
3. Cowbells--'tis a joyful sound!
4. Those are some mighty-high tech gloves that the speed skaters wear. Are there metal knobs on the finger tips? They use them just to drag their left hands on the ice as they turn so they don't fall over; they need high tech for that?!
5. Love the hype over Lindsay Vonn who got her start about 5 miles from my house! Yay for Buck Hill!
6. The sound of skiers slaloming down the icy hills--very soothing.
7. Wondered how lugers keep their heads up. You couldn't get me on one of those sleds for any amount of money. Or a bobsled, or a skeleton sled. (and honestly, WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? Why three different types of sledding? I wanna see NORMAL sledding--i.e. going down a giant hill in a red plastic tobaggon!)
8. Were the US downhill skiers wearing a uniform inspired by pajamas?
10. Watching this video (which has nothing to do with hockey, but everything to do with Canada) after US beat Canada in hockey in the preliminaries. Hopefully we'll watch it again after the finals! (the video is from my very favorite tv show of all time!)


Jenni said…
I like the things you like.
Jen said…
Ditto, but also add a disapproval of the tiara that Julie Mancuso insists on wearing. Mike was pretty stoked about Vonn being from MN and making her start on the MN hills since he used to work at Highland Ski. My friend Julie also thinks we could start our own Olympic-worthy curling team because it looks so easy (and non-athletic) to do. Mike's already done the research to see where we can go curling around here. FIgures!