Busted two different ways.

I didn't realize how much I relied on having a printer until Saturday night (very, very late) when I tried to print out my lesson for Sunday and the printer keeled over and died. We've been without a printer since then. Matt couldn't print out his essays for his Wolf Ridge book; I had to send them to his teacher so she could print them out. I couldn't print out recipes for the meal exchange and for the refreshment desserts I brought to our Relief Society activity last night. I can't print out Valentine coloring pages for fake child. I can't print coupons. I can't photocopy the glute exercises I found in the March issue of Real Simple to send to someone. I can't photocopy birth certificates to put in a compilation of important papers that I am putting together. Bleagh!

In other news that makes me grumpy, I found a bottle of cran-raspberry juice open and HALF DRUNK in my pantry! Someone snuck in there and drank half a jug of juice and, in order to hide it, put it right back where he found it! And he didn't ask if I was saving it for something (you never know, sometimes I am saving stuff and I don't think I should have to LABEL everything that I don't want people to just take for themselves whenever they want).

In news that actually makes me not grumpy (because 100% complainary blog content is irritating), I exercised this morning.


Dennis said…
I used to sneak powdered sugar. I'd half fill a cup and eat it with a spoon, then one day mom was making something that required a full cup of the stuff and there was only about 1/2 left. I don't know what I thought would happen while sneaking it - maybe the stuff would magically reappear and fill the box up again.
Shantel said…
I hate it when I have things I need for a certain recipe and then without asking - something disapears. I am like "that was going to be so yummy! and now you get NOTHING!" so annoying!
Yeah, I don't know how the kids think the keepers of the pantry won't notice. Last month I sent a cake mix and a can of frosting to Katie for her birthday, only to have her find out the can of frosting WAS HALF EATEN. A certain teenager here confessed and replaced the frosting with his own $$. And it seems he didn't learn his lesson cuz he was the perp for the cran-raspberry juice crime. Anger!
Jen said…
It's funny how reliant on technology we are, printers included. I print something almost everyday and can't imagine what strife it would cause if it was not functioning. Unfortunately, you can't really have those things repaired without an expensive bill attached. It sometimes costs the same to just replace the dang thing (found that out the hard way a few times).

So, is the cranberry juice now fermented and therefore no longer drinkable (at least by Mormons)? What do those pesky kids think, that'll their thievery will never be revealed?!?
Jenni said…
We went without a printer for about 2 months and nearly died. It was crippling.

And as for disappearing food. Sigh... At least it isn't just my house. I'd have been made about the frosting, though - aren't you glad it was just to Katie? I'm guessing...OJ