Retro picture day

I'll call this picture "A Tribute to 80s Big Hair and Glasses" (even though my hair isn't as big as big hair could get back then). A co-worker from my cashier job took this picture during work hours. I'm glad she took it so I could show you my LOVELY brown smock! And the shirt I sewed for myself (although you can only see a little bit of it). If you look closely, you can see the packaging of one of my favorite chocolate truffles.

OK, the big hair is gone for the moment in this picture, ONLY because I washed it. The gigantic glasses, however, are still there.I don't know who took this picture--either Jen or Jake. I could do kind of an I Spy thing with this picture: find the hand with the missing finger, find the clarinet, find the fuse box (that was a joke for Travis who couldn't find my mom's fuse box when he and my sister visited for Christmas and he had to ask ME where it was. Mom either didn't know herself or she was busy. Fortunately, I had stared at the fuse box for many years in my room and the massive changes stepdad Gary made to the house did not include moving the fuse box so I knew right where it was, even though there are now several miles of shelving where my bed, etc., used to be), find Opus the penguin, find my eyebrows, and last of all, get a load of that wallpaper! NOT MY CHOICE of wallcovering, I'll have you know. It was there when my parents bought the house and it was left as it was until Gary came along.

I was in a college roommate's wedding and she specifically asked for me to wear black and white because she thought I looked so European. I don't know what she meant. Anyway, I LOVED the sweater, I loved that skirt and I LOVED LOVED LOVED the shoes. I was very sad when all three wore out (or didn't fit anymore).

Here's the reverse black and white theme. Yes, I was very into black and white during my college years. No, the rose was not from Jim. It was from the guy who made me realize that Jim possessed great husband potential.Ah, that was a wonderful trip down memory lane!


Dennis said…
At least you have hair (and lovely hair it is).
Jenni said…
Ahhhh...those were the days. Life was tough back then, having to wear such fashions as we did, looking at that wallpaper, etc. Great pictures!
Dad, that reminds me of a limerick:

I'd rather have fingers than toes
I prefer having eyes to a nose
And as for my hair
I'm glad its all there
I'll be terribly sad when it goes!
—Dugald Gonsal

And Jenni, if I could find that wallpaper again, I think I'd get some for nostalgia's sake, or if I needed help staying awake.
Jen said…
Why did that whole look go out of style? It was just so chic and ahead of its day. In all seriousness, some of the 80's are currently in style. The color schemes, Reebok-like high tops, leggings, similar hair. I think even saw some celebrities wearing similar glasses. You were ahead of your time.
Jen said…
P.S. Oh my, GOSH! That second picture is not you. It's Hayley with blonde hair. Did you dye her hair?!?
You and Hayley do have a striking resemblance, minus some hair volume. :)