Snowed in

Two hour delay for our schools this morning. The kids were happy to sleep in.

This picture is from last night. I liked the scene. Paul sleeps a lot, and Paul is the only human that Magic really likes. He loves to curl up with Paul.

This is the view from our front window. I like the layered snow hanging over the gutters. It hangs down about a foot.
Here is Matt standing next to the pile of snow built up from shoveling the driveway. As you can see the pile is taller than he is. He's on his way to the bus stop.
And then he had to climb it.


Jen said…
So much snow. So much fun. The girls are home today (all day) because of the snow. It's still snowing out there, and they haven't even plowed our neighborhood once. We did venture out to the gym because I knew if we didn't get out at least once then I'd have to be sent to the sanatorium. Have fun!
Jenni said…
I love the overhang!! Very cool. I wonder what it is about Paul that Magic identifies with? HMMMMM...