Check up

I should have done this on Monday, but I forgot until now. So I made some resolutions for 2010 and I wanted to remind myself what I chose to do and reflect on my progress.

Follow the linky words of a different color to see my original list.

Hmmm. Some are kind of nebulous, which is to be expected when one hates the idea of New Year's resolutions.

1. Voice my opinion, don't be such a wallflower. Well, I voiced my opinion and my feelings once so far this year and it got me into a day's worth of trouble and I yelled at someone that I actually really like. I think I'll go back to suppressing my opinion and my feelings and trying to make myself into more of a doormat. Hello, wallflowerism! (although I did try at church to say hi to more people and that seemed to work--so maybe I'll just change this resolution to say hi to more people)

2. Be more efficient and less lazy. The list thing is sort of helping, although I've had an off day or five here and there. I still haven't written out today's list.

3. Sustain my belief system. It sort of helps that I'm teaching in church this week.

4. Add more strength exercise to my exercise routine. Yep. Although it eats up time!

5. Sew up the bathrobe. Done!!! I've enjoyed much lounging in it.

6. Focus on the kids. Hayley and Matt make it easy. Other Jim and Paul are still just as mysterious as ever.

7. No freaking out. Fail. I kind of enjoy a good freak out.

8. Practice piano. Got one song worked out and am working on the children's choir songs.

9. Homework. Did pretty good through Jan, but am slacking a bit. Today, chapter 17!

10. Exercise. I've done well over the past couple of weeks, but I'm a slacker today.

11. Blog and watch TV. Check!


Jen said…
I like most of those resolutions even for myself. You go girl!
Jenni said…
I, like Jen, like your resolutions and think I'll write a post on how i'm doing with them.