Happy 40th birthday to me! (a little....late)

Guess what this is:

Yep, I finished the bathrobe! Over two years after my mother gave me the gift of the fabric for my 40th birthday, I FINALLY got my act together and sewed it up!

Here I am in all my terrycloth glory!(I had to brave the boy cave to take the above picture. Nowhere else in the house is there a full-length mirror. Seems to me a full length mirror is wasted on boys.)

Fabric detail
#5 of my 2010 resolutions completed!

Knock on my front door before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m. if you dare! I'll greet you wearing my lovely bathrobe!

PS I hate cutting out and applying interfacing. I just want to sew whatever I'm sewing and having to deal with interfacing slows me down! (I know it's necessary, but it's not the fun and good part of sewing)


Jenni said…
I love it, and especially the detail of the fabric. How posh!
Jenni said…
Oh, and happy birthday!
Jen said…
If even belated, it's still a lovely gift to yourself. I'm glad you finished finally, now go sit on the couch on your bathrobe and eat bon-bons. The fabric detail is very nice.

Now can you do all my many sewing projects that I want to do?