Other Jim had his wisdom teeth out this morning. He's home now and feeling a bit sick.

When he came out of the anesthesia, he was a bit loopy. He insisted that he wasn't loopy, but he was. He was less restrained with his words and got a few of them mixed up. It was almost like he was slightly drunk--talkative, overly smiley, insistent that he WASN'T impaired, and wobbly.

He's more himself at home now, less happy-go-lucky loopy.

And now he's apparently NOT feeling sick, because we just had an argument about going to school. He wants to go, and I won't let him (backwards, isn't it?).


Jen said…
What is wrong with that kid? Why would any h.s. student with a legitimate chance to miss to school try to still go to school? I had my wisdom teeth out when I was in h.s., and my mom reported the same loopyness from me. I think I missed as many school days as I could but only because I didn't enjoy h.s. in the least. I'm sure O.J. has a much better attitude than I did.

I hope he feels better soon and heals super quick.
Dennis said…
I don't know why God gave us wisdom teeth since mostly they have to be removed. Jessie had hers out while in h.s. and she was really grogy for most of the day. I had mine out just a few years ago and decided to forego the anesthesia and just go for the novocane because I had to drive myself to/from the dr. The doc had to use a drill on part of one tooth (I think it was a Black & Decker 3/4 inch drill) and then a jack hammer.

Stay home from school O.J. and milk it for all its worth.
OH MY WORD. Other Jim has regressed to being his stubborn 3-10 year old self! NOOOOO! I thought I was done with that! The battle scars were only just beginning to fade! I let him go to work this evening because I couldn't stand the constant pouting and belligerence of not being allowed to go to school. He was also mad that we wouldn't let him drive. Apparently the recommendation to NOT DRIVE for 24 hours applies only to people who THINK they are impaired, and definitely not to him. Jim insisted that he drive Other Jim to work and OJ complained the whole way that being a passenger makes him carsick. Can he be an independent adult now?
Jenni said…
Maybe they extracted more than teeth! I totally know the loopiness of that stuff. Wisdom teeth extraction was what caused me to jump out of bed and remind Travis to let let the bunnies out of the cage. We lived in that LITTLE apartment in Denver. No bunnies.

Yes, let other Jim go be independent and change the locks. You have my permission.
Dental procedures make me want to die. I applaud him for his bravery.