Where, oh where, has the pattern gone?

::Deep breath::

Today I was going to FINALLY tackle the bathrobe sewing project. (Nevermind that I was supposed to start my two weeks' off of babysitting and guess who called and needed me to babysit today?) Today I was going to actually exercise BEFORE getting on the computer. Today I was going to complete TWO household chores before breakfast. I was going to read my scriptures and make the bed.

I did one household chore already--I ironed three shirts. Matt gets himself ready for school and all I have to do is shout from whichever room I'm in, "Did you brush your teeth? Do your cat job?" and he'll scamper off to complete whichever task (or both) he forgot to do. Jim got himself off to work today too (after an unscheduled day off yesterday) so I was SO on the ball with my list of things to do. I ironed! In anticipation of crossing off more things on my list, I got out the material for the bathrobe and put it on the table. I got out the scissors to cut the material. I looked for the pattern.

And looked.

And looked.

And looked.

And then banged my head repeatedly on the table in frustration because I can't find the STUPID pattern. I KNOW I BOUGHT ONE. I bought it at the same time my mother bought me the fabric. I can see the pattern cover in my head. It's got to be here somewhere!

And now I'm unable to do anything else on my list because I'm sure Clutter, the god of entropy, is laughing his fool head off at me, shaking his finger at me and reminding me that I'd best put off everything else today (except the spur-of-the-moment babysitting) and clean the sewing room.

Aargh. Good thing I can still blog (although not coherently?) or else I'd be huddled in the corner of the room staring at the brush strokes in the paint on the wall.


Jenni said…
That is my favorite thing. I love it when I know I have something and cannot place it. I'm sorry to hear of your misfortune. If it makes you feel better, I think we are redecorating our house and just going with year-round Christmas.
Jen said…
I hope you find your pattern because you sure have been talking about that robe project a lot. I know you really want to get it done. Good luck!

Thank goodness you got some chores done, too. I have lots to do, too.
Karie said…
". . .Clutter, the god of entropy . ."

LOL! I *knew* there had to be a mischievous divine entity in charge of my sewing area and its effluvia. It can't be my fault entirely!