Not my projects, though. (Side note: I am 2/3 done with the bathrobe!)

Hayley has had three major projects in the works this week. One for math, one for Family and Consumer Studies (Home Ec in my jr. high days), and one for Health.

The biggie was the math project. She had to make a household item Paul Bunyan-sized. She had to work with ratios and measurements, etc. to make a dental floss container the size that it would be if Paul Bunyan was to use it.

My mother gave Hayley some posterboard to use and this is the front of the container.

But posterboard isn't very rigid so we had to glue it to matboard. And then we used styrofoam inside to make it stable.
After much whining and mess (guess who was responsible for both? "Mom, I don't understand how to do this!" "Mom, can you help me?" "How are we going to make it like a box?" "Whine!") (styrofoam is NOT fun to cut up. And it's difficult to get all of it out of the carpet), she finally finished it.
Paul Bunyan now has nothing to fear from gingivitis!
So how does her giant dental floss container compare to the original? (because of my inability to get my camera to focus on a closeup object and a faraway object simultaneously, the picture is not great. Please excuse it)She has to take the dental floss to school tomorrow but she doesn't know where she's going to put it. It obviously won't fit in her locker!

Her FACS project was sewing a pair of pajama pants, which she finished yesterday at school:
Notice Matt's inability to respect his sister's accomplishments.

The health project is due next week and now that the dental floss project is done, she can focus on inhalants. She had to interview a medical professional so Jim took her to urgent care one evening and Hayley explained to the nurse that she had to interview someone. They were very understanding and a doctor took some time to answer Hayley's interview questions.

Hayley will be glad when all of this is over. Three projects at once is a bit much. (for mom too)


Jen said…
Ha, ha, that dental floss is hilarious. She makes her uncle proud. Looks like you've produced another fine seamstress from your brood. Thumbs up!
Jenni said…
I HATE PROJECTS!!! But the floss turned out great. Ver accurate. I also like her pants but wonder why we only got a view of her holding them rather than wearing them. Those are definitely something to model! And yes, Matt...
Hayley now wants to sew a manga costume to go with the giant fan she got for Christmas. She pestered me ALL. LAST. NIGHT. She found material and a pattern that would work for what she had in mind. (Kinda reminded me of us when we were kids, Jenni except we sewed actual clothing and not MANGA dresses!) I'll let her go to town on her costume as soon as I finish the bathrobe (which should be finished today if I get off the computer).

I HATE projects too! Or I hate that my kids think I have to help them. We never asked Mom for help! I want to be that kind of mom!

I will get Hayley to put the pants on and I'll take a picture.